New SMS notifications for hosts

When a visitor checks in via Doorkeeper and selects a host, the selected host now receives both an SMS alert and an email alert about the visitor's arrival.

Introducing Safety Agent Alarm

Safety Agent Alarm is a new feature that opens up a wide range of alarms that were previously not possible. This includes incidents that may serve as early indicators for more serious issues.

How AI Checkpoints ensures only authorised workers can access your site

AI Checkpoints helps ensure only inducted and compliant workers can access your site. Using cameras at each checkpoint, our software automatically identifies a person, checks compliance and if authorised, opens a turnstile or any door.

How AI Checkpoints can streamline vehicle access

Nirovision offers a combination of license plate recognition and facial authentication that can be paired with access control to automate vehicle access.

Our most customisable Doorkeeper yet

Today, we are delighted to present our sleekest, most powerful Doorkeeper kiosk yet – driven by AI-vision, Doorkeeper greets visitors, contractors and staff with security and ease.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Doorkeeper

Nirovision offers mobile device management support for Doorkeeper for enhanced security, easier troubleshooting, better traceability and automatic updates.

Identify someone on the spot with spot checks

Imagine being able to point your phone at someone onsite to identify who that person is, whether they checked in and if they are compliant. You can do this and more with Spot Checks, a feature within the Nirovision mobile app.

Introducing attendance alarms

Have you tried our attendance alarms? Now you can sit back and be alerted when a worker doesn’t meet your attendance requirements. Tracking time and attendance has never been easier.

Effortless Payroll, powered by Doorkeeper Pro

Track employee attendance with a touchless and fast face sign-in. Automate timesheets and capture digital records, saving time and administration.

Automate BAC checks with Doorkeeper Pro

Keep your worksite safe and streamline the check-in experience for visitors, staff and contractors.

Be ready for emergencies with Evacuations

Evacuations powered by Nirovision's AI are efficient and fast ✨

Go Paperless with Doorkeeper Lite

Use Doorkeeper Lite to define conditions of entry, stop anyone who doesn’t meet them, and trigger real-time alerts upon issues.

Custom Branding now available in Doorkeeper Pro

Employees wear uniforms and tags, so why shouldn't your check-in kiosk be dressed to impress as well?

Check-in with proof of vaccination

For businesses that need/want to check vaccination status, Nirovision's Doorkeeper solution can help.

How to use Nirovision Labels

Want to know how to get the most out of Nirovision Labels? This guide shares how they work, the different types of Labels and how to use them most effectively.

What’s New? Nirovision Integrations

Accurately and diligently recognise individuals with Nirovision's identity recognition and temperature screening solutions.

Identity as a Service

Nirovision's learnings from both sides of the buy versus build fence and why we chose to go down the Identity as a Service road.

Buy vs. Build

Nirovision made a commitment to review software decisions based on guidelines and principles. Find out more about our identity recognition platform.

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