Nirovision and Rapid join forces

Rapid Global a leading provider of workplace safety and risk management software, and Nirovision, today announced that they have joined forces to develop the next generation of safety software.

The combination of Rapid Global’s workplace safety and risk management software solutions with AI-powered vision technology marks an exciting new era for workplace safety and risk management.

Newly appointed CEO at Rapid Global, Jimmy Lee said. “The merger of Nirovision and Rapid Global reinforces our shared mission to improve workplace safety globally and combining our capabilities will set new industry standards for Health and Safety software solutions.”
“This union will accelerate innovation and broaden our offerings, securing Rapid Global's leadership position. As one company, we're uniquely positioned to address evolving safety challenges, ensuring a safer future for workers everywhere.”

Users of Nirovision and Rapid’s software will soon see a unified login, refreshed user interfaces and they will benefit from improved native integrations across all Rapid’s software modules.

Kevin Tinkler, COO at Rapid Global said, “Rapid Global’s greatness has been rooted in our ability to develop cutting-edge technologies through working with our customers and industry. The combination of Rapid and Nirovision will accelerate our vision to revolutionise workplace safety.”

The integration of Nirovision and Rapid Global’s software is expected to be completed within the next 6 months with a brand-new module in development, as well as further enhancements to Rapid’s existing modules.

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