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Turn an iPad into a face check-in kiosk for visitors, staff and contractors. Present surveys and request compliance docs. No more paper log books or swipe cards.


Doorkeeper is built to handle every use case and need. Explore our solutions below.

Turn an iPad into a powerful sign-in kiosk with the Doorkeeper app.

Welcome screen

Customise the standby screen with your own branding and messaging

Sign in and sign out

Simply present to the iPad to sign in and out.

Enable breaks

Allow employees to take breaks for time and attendance.

Check compliance

Stop someone if a compliance document has expired.

Stop access

Display stop instructions if someone doesn't meet your entry requirements.

Ensure compliance with surveys and docs

Easily request and host documents for compliance and create surveys - then connect them to different workflows to customise the sign in journey.

See real-time insights

Know who and how many people are on site at anytime with a live dashboard. Surface insights and gain a high level view of attendance activity.

Link to a door for access control

Secure access to internal doors with a fast and convenient face check. Easily see who accessed which doors at what times.

Run swift evacuations

Use the insights captured for evacuations. Bring up a list of everyone onsite and easily mark people safe via the Nirovision web or mobile app.

Additional integrations for contractors

Workforce management

Make sure every licence, insurance and qualification is up to date.


Sync timesheet data directly to payroll to save time and admin.

Health checks

Add body temperature or alcohol checks to the sign in process.

Access insights anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Nirovision provides a web and mobile app so you can stay on top of things. View a list of people who checked in, know how many people are currently on-site and receive notifications for important activity.

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