Capture employee time and attendance

Allow employees to clock on and off with face authentication. It’s fast, secure and fraud free. No paper timesheets, fingerprint scanners, or swipe cards needed.

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Clock on with face authentication

Clock on with face authentication

Record accurate attendance data with biometrics. Make the process fast to avoid bottlenecks at entry points.

See timesheets and hours onsite

See timesheets and hours on site

Get a complete, clear picture of attendance with timesheets and total hours auto calculated for you.

Sync to payroll

Sync attendance data to payroll

With the auto creation of timesheets, you can easily export a CSV or auto sync attendance data directly into payroll.


Powered by AI Vision

Welcome staff with a fast and secure sign-in kiosk or a printed QR code to track attendance.

Welcome staff

Customise the standby screen with your own branding and messaging

Clock on and clock off

Employees simply present to the iPad to clock on and off.

Take breaks

Enable breaks for time and attendance.

Check compliance

Stop non-compliant staff from entering your site. Request the upload of a new document version on-the-spot.

Onboard new staff

Allow staff to self enrol the first time they sign in. Collect all the information you need.

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View real-time attendance

See who’s on site, what time someone arrived, and who’s on a break from the comfort of your office or on the go with our web and mobile app.

”Workers appreciate how quick and easy it is to log their attendance with Doorkeeper. All the data I need is there including time sheets with daily and weekly hours totalled for me. I can simply export a report whether I’m at home or on site.”

Samantha Williams

Site manager, Sheetmetal Solutions

Prevent fraudulent sign in activity

Biometrics ensures people are physically present on site when clocking in so you can pay with confidence.

Receive attendance notifications

Be notified whenever an individual or someone from a group has clocked in or if no one has been seen by a certain time.

Run swift evacuations

Access a list of who’s on site from the cloud and mark people as safe in the event of an evacuation.

Additional integrations for employees


Sync timesheet data directly to payroll to save time and admin.


Keep your workplace alcohol-free with blood alcohol content (BAC) screening.


Make access more secure with face authentication. Pair with boom gates, doors and turnstiles.

Access insights anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Nirovision provides a web and mobile app so you can stay on top of things. View a list of people who checked in, know how many people are currently on site and receive notifications for important activity.

Nirovision apps
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