Automatic license plate recognition

Automatically grant or deny access based on a vehicle's compliance with your site's policies and standards. Capture entry logs and dwell times and receive alerts if a vehicle is stopped for any reason.

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Track all vehicles that come onsite

Track all vehicles that come on site

See a repository of vehicles along with entry and exit times. View all insights in a user friendly web and mobile app.

Link to access control

Pair to access control

Make site access more secure by automatically open gates for authorised vehicles and stopping those unauthorised.

See what needs optimising

See what needs optimising

Capture vehicle dwell times, busiest lanes and other insights to uncover issues that might have otherwise flown under the radar.

Improve vehicle throughput

When multiple vehicles are trying to access your site, seconds count. By automating vehicle identification and compliance checks, you can avoid congestion and improve efficiencies.

Minimise operational costs

Managing vehicle access can be costly when you rely on manned gatehouses and/or intercom to reception. Let license plate recognition automate the process for you and experience the savings.

Auto identify drivers

Add a face ID check for drivers for an additional layer of security. Check compliance for both driver and vehicle to ensure only those authorised can access.

Receive vehicle alerts

Set up custom alerts to know when a vehicle is stopped for any reason so you can act quickly and minimise any entry delays.

Enrol vehicles

Pre-register vehicles via email, or sync vehicles from a database so they are automatically recognised on arrival or enrol on the spot at the gate.

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Access control automation

Nirovision can check a vehicle's compliance and access credentials in the cloud before granting access via an AC controller to open a boom gate. This helps you automate access, maintain compliance and handle exceptions, with minimal admin.

Access control diagram

Leveraging inputs from IP cameras, LPR cameras and Doorkeepers, businesses can grant or deny access to individuals and vehicles, based on their compliance with the site's policies and standards, and their access level.

Add pedestrian checkpoints

Use our software to manage pedestrian access via turnstiles or doors. Identify individuals with facial recognition, check compliance, and record attendance to ensure only authorised personnel can access your your site. Learn more.

Additional integrations

Workforce management

Cross check compliance to ensure drivers meet your entry requirements.


Use our API to design solutions that are powered by Nirovision.

Access control

Pair with access control or bluetooth relay devices to grant or deny access.

View insights on web or mobile

Powered by AI Vision

Nirovision provides a web and mobile app so you can access insights from anywhere. See what vehicles are on site, view vehicle compliance and receive notifications.

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