AI Checkpoints

AI Checkpoints makes access to industrial sites safer and more secure, at a lower cost, by automating identity and compliant checks at the gate with AI powered software.

Vehicle checkpoint

You decide what information you need to verify to allow a vehicle on site and AI will manage access 24/7.

Pedestrian checkpoint

Secure your perimeter and prevent tailgating with AI granting access to authorised personal only.

Enforce site-wide compliance

Rest easy knowing only inducted and compliant personnel can access your site. If someone is stopped, receive an immediate notification with the reason why.

Reduce operational costs

Automate identity and compliance checks and pair with access control to eliminate the cost and hassle of manned entrances, employee ID cards, keys, and fobs.

"Our check in and out procedure was streamlined to seconds per worker".

Charlie Jabbour

Construction Manager, Buildform

Optimise supply chain performance

Optimise supply chain and vendor performance by accessing vehicle insights. Get a breakdown of vehicles on site, including dwell times, to help procurement teams make data-driven decisions.

Extend your operation hours

Extend your business hours and grow revenue with AI managing access for you 24/7. See real-time attendance insights and live camera views at anytime.

Minimise safety incidents

Reduce accidents and avoid emotional stress, negative PR, and costly fines by ensuring that all workers on site are fully compliant.

Improve throughput

Reduce congestion and wait times at key entrances with sub-second check-ins. Allow those non-compliant to complete an induction or course on-the-spot before accessing (optional).

Access control integrations

Nirovision integrates seamlessly with access control devices, as well as with Bluetooth or Ethernet relay devices, serving as a versatile connector. Additionally, we integrate with blood alcohol devices to enhance your site's safety and compliance.

Access control

We integrate natively with ICT Protege GX and Inception by Inner Range.


Add alcohol checks to the sign in process with integrations to Alcolizer and Alcomeasure.


Our software can use bluetooth or ethernet relay devices as a connector to grant access.

Access insights anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re away from workplace or on the go, Nirovision provides a web and mobile app to view insights, receive notifications and set access rules for different people, departments and times of the day.

Nirovision apps
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