Streamline Evac Management

Allow on-the-ground managers responsible for security and site safety, to easily identify someone on the spot. Check if someone is signed-in and if they are compliant.

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Evidence in the palm of your hands

Evidence in the palm of your hands

Using the Nirovision mobile app, simply point your mobile phone at someone on site to identify who that person is. It’s quick, easy and fraud free.

Compliance checks made easy

Compliance checks made easy

Quickly check someone’s compliance. See when certain documents expire and review any documents that are pending approval to maintain site safety and avoid fines.

More efficient evacuations

More efficient evacuations

Use Spot Checks to make sure everyone is accurately accounted for in the event of an evacuation. Avoid errors that can easily happen with manual roll call.

Empower your security team

Provide security personnel on the ground with a quick way to verify people. Immediately know if someone should be on site or if they are in the wrong area.

"Our check in and out procedure was streamlined to seconds per worker".

Jamie S

Business Systems Manager, Monford

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Better enforce compliance on site

Quickly identify an individual on the spot and check their compliance to maintain a safe workplace. No arguments or interrogation is needed.

Streamline evacuations

Start an evacuation from the Nirovision mobile app to bring up a list of everyone on site and then mark people as safe with a quick face scan. Avoid messy roll calls and errors.

Identify a man down

Spot Checks can be used in man down situations. This allows you to quickly identify someone even if that person is unresponsive.

Conduct health checks

Combine Spot Checks with a handheld thermometer or blood alcohol breath tester, to identify if someone is a health risk. Add the result to the person's sign in record.

Additional integrations for safety

Workforce management

Link with Rapid Global or LinkSafe to cross check compliance and make sure every licence, insurance and qualification is up to date.

Temperature screening

Screen for body temperature when doing Spot Checks to keep staff safe and healthy.


Add blood alcohol content (BAC) to Spot Checks to keep your workplace alcohol free.

View insights on web or mobile

Powered by AI Vision

Nirovision provides a web and mobile app so you can access insights from anywhere. See a digital log of everyone on site, run an evacuation, and receive notifications for important activity.

Nirovision mobile app
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