Why Nirovision?

When it comes to workplace access, safety, and security, automation is revolutionising how many workplaces operate, and Nirovision is at the forefront of this transformation.

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A complete solution for safety, security and compliance

Nirovision is designed to solve problems that previously required a lot of resources or multiple platforms that didn't work together. Whether it’s visitor management, employee attendance, contractor compliance, ALPR or access control, Nirovision caters to all the different people and vehicles that access a workplace, incorporating everything you need to ensure a safe and secure site.

AI Vision that continually improves

Web application

At the core of our software is AI Vision, which uses algorithms to enable a computer to take in visual input, such as images from a camera, analyse it, and make accurate decisions at speed. This is what allows Nirovision to automate tasks that would otherwise require human vision and interpretation.

With self-learning capabilities, our AI Vision is continually evolving and expanding its capabilities to provide an even better customer experience, enabling it to tackle even the most complex problems and tasks.

Australian owned and developed

Nirovision is an Australian company with all our technology and AI Vision proprietary to us. Headquartered in Sydney, NSW, all our developers and support staff are local. Unlike other vendors who outsource their technology and AI, we have full control over the software we provide. This results in better customer service, enhanced security, and more flexibility to build the features you request.

Data security and privacy

We take several measures to protect the security of our platform and our customers' sensitive information. These measures include developing our own ML algorithms in-house and storing and encrypting all data, including thumbnails, results, and metadata, in disparate cloud systems built solely on the Asia Pacific (Sydney) region of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform.

Built to solve complex problems

Nirovision can offer visitors a simple sign-in, or go as far as identifying a vehicle and driver, cross-checking compliance, opening a boom gate, logging time and attendance, and alerting a site manager - plus everything in between.

Let’s look at some challenges and how we solve them



A cleaning company wants to solve fraudulent sign ins to capture accurate attendance and automate payroll. They also need to ensure that cleaners are on site from 7-10pm Mon-Fri.


A Doorkeeper iPad is set up on-site to sign in cleaners using facial authentication. This verifies that the cleaners are physically present and not impersonating someone else. An attendance alarm is set up to notify the cleaning company if no cleaners arrive by a specified time. All entry and exit times are logged, and time sheets are automatically created and synced to payroll.


An industrial site wants to make sure that all vehicles that come on site are authorised and that contracted drivers are compliant. Drivers currently use access cards but these often go missing and someone is required at all hours of the day and night to grant access.


ALPR cameras are installed at the entry and exit points to identify vehicles as they approach. At the same time, drivers roll down their windows to present themselves to an IP camera on a pedestal. Nirovision verifies the driver's compliance, and if both the vehicle and driver are authorised for entry, the boom gate automatically opens and the entry time is recorded.



A large mining project requires 250 staff to sign in daily for safety and compliance, track time and attendance, and run evacuations if needed. The project also needs insights to help with staff forecasting for future projects. Furthermore, staff must be free of alcohol to enter, and no one should be able to bypass this process.


A number of securely housed Doorkeeper iPads and Alcolizer units are set up within a 40ft sea container that has 5 rotating gates. Mining staff present to a Doorkeeper at each gate to be identified before being instructed to perform a blood alcohol content (BAC) check. If cleared for entry, the rotating gate unlocks, allowing staff to enter. Entry and exit times are digitally logged and a live dashboard is updated showing who and how many people are currently on site. All attendance information including number of staff and hours on site is captured for project forecasting.

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