Nirovision has all the features you need to safely welcome people into the workplace.

Touchless sign ins

Sign in with a fast and secure face check (Pro) or a static QR code (Lite).

Flexible surveys

Collect information with flexible surveys that can automatically label people.

Custom sign-in flows

Create multiple sign-in flows that ask different questions based on the type of visitor.


Capture important information about contractors before they come on-site.

Document management

Request documents for compliance to ensure visitors meet your requirements for entry.

Host notifications

Automatically notify staff when their guest arrives.

Visitor screening

Set rules visitors must meet to be granted entry. Be notified if someone is on a watch list.

Automated timesheets

Automatically capture time and attendance data that can be imported into payroll.


Be alerted when someone signs in, fails a survey, or is stopped for any reason.

Auto sign-outs

Auto sign out everyone at the end of each day or allow manually check outs.

Evacuation management

Access sign-in data from the cloud and mark people as safe in the event of an evacuation.

Contact tracing

Export sign-in data for fast contact tracing. Filter by date and time and export to CSV.

Who's on-site?

Know how many people are on-site right now, and if there have been any issues. The Today dashboard displays the current day's data in real time, so it's always up to date!


Apply labels to group people by department, work location, skill level and more. This enables better insights and custom alarms.

Mobile and web apps

Monitor things from your desk or on the go with our mobile and web app.

Nirovision integrations

Enhance your experience with a wide variety of add-ons and integrations. From everyday essentials to powerful pro workflows.