Nirovision has all the features you need to safely welcome people into the workplace.


Facial recognition sign in

Provide a fast, secure and touchless sign in for staff and visitors.

Facial recognition monitoring

Integrate with IP cameras to monitor critical areas of your worksite.

Licence plate recognition

Capture dwell times and pair to access control to automate entry and exit.

Evacuation management

Bring up a list of everyone on site and mark people as safe with a quick face scan.

Spot checks

Identify and check someone’s compliance on the spot with facial recognition on your phone.

Contact tracing

Export sign-in data for fast contact tracing. Filter by date and time and export to a CSV.


SMS host notifications

Keep staff informed of their guests’ arrival with email and SMS notifications.

Sign in alarms

Be notified whenever someone signs in to the workplace.

Stop alarms

Stay informed with real-time alerts if someone is on a watch list or fails a survey.

Missed sign in alarms

Integrate with IP cameras to be alerted for those that skip the sign in process.

Attendance alarms

Be notified if staff or contractors have not signed in to your place by a specific time.

Blood alcohol content alarms

Integrate with BAC devices and receive alerts if someone has a positive reading.

Temperature alarms

Log temperatures automatically during sign-in and receive alerts for abnormalities.


Web app

View sign-in records, manage alarms, capture insights and customise surveys.

Mobile app

Receive notifications, review insights and conduct safety checks on the go.

Doorkeeper app

Transform an iPad into a fast and secure face rec sign-in kiosk.

Monitor wall

View a live feed from an IP camera with real-time overlayed information.


Checkpoints dashboard

See what’s happening at each checkpoint in real time and the latest event activity.

Today dashboard

See how many people are on site, a breakdown by label and any alerts triggered.

Automated timesheets

Automatically capture time and attendance data that can be imported into payroll.

Live camera view

See a live view of all your cameras in one place including the most recent activity.

Auto sign-outs

Simplify end-of-day routine with automatic sign-outs for all at a set time.

Video export

Generate and download event clips from our desktop or mobile apps.


Add more information to profiles with metadata fields that you can customise.


Group people using labels to enable better insights and custom alarms.

Fast search

Quickly find insights by filtering by time, person, label, or camera.

CSV export

Export a CSV of sign in and attendance data for people and/or vehicles.

Multi-location management

Manage multiple workplaces from the app. Toggle between locations to view insights.

Access rules

Set specific rules for site access based on the different types of people.

Permission roles

Manage who has access to the apps and what data with Admin and Viewer only roles.

Smart syncing

Sync with 3rd party databases.


Custom branding

Customise the iPad kiosk terminal with your company logo, colours and messages.

Self enrolment

Allow people to self enrol on the spot using the Doorkeeper kiosk.


Email people a link with instructions to onboard before they come on site.

Import profiles

Bulk import images or a CSV file of data to create profiles.

Manual enrolment

Create a new profile manually or from existing camera footage.


Request, reject and approve documents required for entry.

Nirovision integrations

Enhance your experience with a wide variety of add-ons and integrations. From everyday essentials to powerful pro workflows.

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