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Nirovision’s Doorkeeper with Dynamic QR Codes

Turn any iPad into a touchless check-in kiosk. Set up in 5 minutes. Known workers in the database are automatically recognised while new visitors are presented with a dynamic QR code that links to a custom form.

Nirovision Access Control with Protege Gx

See how Nirovision’s facial recognition makes access control smarter and more secure. Watch as Innovative Security & Data demo our integration with ProtegeGX by ICT.

Introducing Dynamic QR Codes

Enhance workplace safety with dynamic QR codes for visitors that are unique to the person identified. Improve contact tracing by capturing accurate sign-in data.

Touchless check-in for workplaces with Doorkeeper

Turn an Apple TV into a touchless check-in solution with Nirovision’s Doorkeeper, a live display that identifies people and their temperature as they enter. Enhance security, streamline wait times and improve workplace safety.

Creating and adding labels with Nirovision

One of the simplest and best features of Nirovision is Labels. Easily organise people into groups. Create labels for departments, types of contractors, visitors and more. Virtual Labels work similar to printed stickers, just better.

Reviewing identity and temperature results

Knowing who is on-site and what their temperature is has never been easier than with Nirovision. Quickly bring up a list of identities along with temperature results for easy reporting and investigation.

How Nirovision’s automated contact tracing works

What if you could automate the process of contact tracing? The good news is you can with Nirovision, which allows a workplace to quickly identify who was on-site during a particular day and/or backtrace movement paths of workers as well as possible contacts with other individuals.

Nirovision temperature progression graphs

To improve accuracy of temperature analytics, Nirovision provides a temperature progression graph that clearly shows an individual’s temperature fluctuate if the initial read was artificial.

Visual contact tracing with Nirovision

Contact tracing is a new feature within the Nirovision web app that allows a user to select an identity and a time range in order to see who was seen with who.

Nx Witness Integration – Custom Event for Elevated Temperature

What a custom event for elevated temperature looks like with the Nx Witness and Nirovision integration.

Nx Witness Integration – Setup

The setup process for our Nx Witness Integration.

Nx Witness Integration Bounding Box Smart Search

Search for identities’ names or labels in the notifications panel to find and play recognition events in historical footage.

Nx Witness Integration – Search by Identity Labels

Perform detailed investigations with Nirovision+NxWitness. Search for identities’ names or labels in the notifications panel to find and play recognition events in historical footage.

Nx Witness Integration – Search for Face Objects

Perform detailed investigations with Nirovision+NxWitness.

Nx Witness Integration – Identity-triggered alert

Gain immediate situational awareness with Nirovision+NxWitness. Receive real-time alerts when a person of interest is recognised.

Inception Inner Range Integration

Inception, from Inner Range, is a cutting-edge, native web-based access control and intruder detection system, designed for light-to-medium commercial installations.

Nirovision Nx Witness Integration – Overview

With this integration you will be able to accomplish investigations more accurately, by leveraging Nirovision’s identity recognition metadata to augment video in Nx’s environment.

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