Identify safety issues with AI Monitoring  

Integrating with existing cameras, Nirovision’s AI Monitoring provides insights into previously unseen activity that enables managers to proactively improve operations and enhance site safety.

How AI Monitoring works


Web app

Connect AI monitoring with your existing cameras.


Web app

Define specific rules for different objects, locations and areas.


Web app

Start capturing insights and receiving alerts.

What you can detect


Web app

PPE plays an important role in workplace safety. Identify and receive alerts for missing hard hats or hi-vis vests.

Mobile phones

Doorkeeper app

Mobile phones can be a major distraction. Restrict their use in certain zones and be alerted if a phone is seen.


Mobile app

Cleaning is a big expense. Ensure cleaners are fulfilling their obligations by detecting cleaning equipment on site.


Mobile app

We are always adding new capabilities so if you need something custom, we’d love to discuss your needs.

Reduce incidents and injuries

By identifying missing PPE, managers can take proactive measures to better enforce policies and educate workers to reduce incidents and injuries.

Get rich insights at a glance

View a heat map analysis of activity to easily identify trends and missing gaps in compliance to improve operations and/or enhance safety.

Receive immediate alerts

Be alerted anytime an object is seen or not seen, so you can take preventative measures in real-time. Configure schedules, and receive push and email notifications.

Verify cleaning activity

Guarantee that cleaners are fulfilling the work they are contracted for. View insights and export a CSV of data to easily compare invoices to activity.

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