Facial recognition for secure access control

Open doors, turnstiles and boom gates with secure face authentication. Combine with ALPR to streamline vehicle entry and enhance site safety and security.

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Choose your configuration

Choose your configuration

Nirovision integrates natively with access control or can use an ethernet relay device as a connector to open a door or turnstile.

Make access frictionless and more secure

Make access more secure

Provide users with fast access using face authentication. No need to worry about keys and swipe cards being lost, stolen or shared.

Capture valuable insights

Capture valuable insights

Easily see who accessed which doors at what times and understand the most trafficked entryways and busiest times of the day.

Save on keys, cards and badges

Allow access without a user needing to stop and present a credential. Eliminate the cost and time of maintaining employee ID cards, keys and fobs to manage access.

"Our check in and out procedure was streamlined to seconds per worker".

Jamie S

Business Systems Manager, Monford

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Capture entry and exit times

Controlling access with face identification is great, but it’s even better with full context of who accessed which doors at what times and who was stopped.

Add another layer of protection

Combine traditional and biometric credentials in 1FA, 2FA or 3FA configurations to strengthen security and prevent unauthorised access.

Easily manage who has access

Automatically deny access if a compliance doc expires and set up different access rules for different people, departments and times of day.

Add health checks for access

Make blood alcohol checks or temperature screening part of access control to identify if someone is a health risk.

Additional integrations for Access control

Workforce Management

Verify compliance within Rapid Global or LinkSafe before granting access.


Add temperature checks to your access rules to minimise health risks.


Add a blood alcohol check before granting access to your site.

Access control made easy

Powered by AI Vision

Nirovision provides access control insights that can be viewed remotely. Receive stop notifications and see which doors were accessed, when, and who was allowed entry.

Nirovision apps
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