Safety Agent Alarm

I’m an AI agent that actively monitors your site, and alerts you about safety concerns. I can work with your existing security cameras to unearth previously unseen issues. I welcome extra knowledge about your site, to make sure everyone adheres to your specific safety rules and requirements.

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I’m ready to get to work

Collect the information you need

Connect me to your cameras

I am compatible with most IP cameras. All you need is a Nirovision server, and you can easily choose which cameras you want me to monitor.

Make signing in fast and secure

Tell me about your site

You can optionally provide extra information to help me identify the events you care about. This includes your preferred alarm schedule.

Link to workforce management

Receive alerts for issues

When I spot a safety or security concern, I will send a descriptive email and/or notification via the Nirovision mobile app so you can respond accordingly.

Make your workplace safer

Leverage AI to actively monitor and alert you to specific safety issues that are simply not possible with traditional alarms.

Enhance site security

Be notified for a range of potential security issues with descriptive alerts so you can act swiftly.

Empower site managers

Safety and security teams can’t be everywhere at once. Let AI do the grunt work of monitoring your site, so your team can focus on improving operational efficiencies.

Unlock new insights

Identify incidents that may serve as early indicators for more serious issues. Use AI to report on safety and compliance trends so you can be proactive in improving safety measures onsite.

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