Let's maker workplaces safer, together

Become a Nirovision partner to capture more customers, grow your revenue and help make workplaces safer, smarter and more secure.

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Partnering with Nirovision is a joint collaboration

Whether it’s hosting a webinar together, featuring you in a guest blog, or providing sales collateral you can white label, we are to help you grow.

Grow your revenue

With Nirovision you're in full control of the hardware and installation costs but also earn an ongoing share of revenue from our software.

Expand your market

Solve more customer problems with facial recognition software that integrates with a range of solutions. If it doesn't exist, we can build it. Our partners play an important role in shaping the development roadmap.

Access support

Receive hands-on product training and sales collateral so you can go to market with confidence. We make sure that your team is well prepared to deploy our software. Customers also have access to our tech support team.

Steps to becoming a partner

1. Book a demo

Book a demo below to learn more about our features and our partner program.

2. Trial our software

To trial our software you will need to sign our partner agreement.

3. Start selling

Access sales collateral and attract new customers and earn more revenue.

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See why more and more businesses choose our software to make their workplace safer and more secure.

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