Cleaning equipment detection

Cleaning services can be a big expense. By identifying cleaning equipment across different areas and time, you can ensure that cleaners are doing the work they are contracted for.

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What you can detect

Collect the information you need

Cleaning Carts

Cleaning carts can give a good indication of which departments or areas have been attended to.

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Buckets and Mops

Buckets and mops can provide more granularity on the cleaning activity within a specific area.

Link to workforce management


Signage can indicate that a floor is wet or there is a spill which can be a safety concern for those in the area.

Customise your settings

Detect different objects on different cameras, combined or individually. Define specific rules for different locations and areas.

Opt for privacy

Cleaning equipment detection can focus solely on the object and be non-associated with individuals to protect personal privacy.

Verify cleaning activity

View and track cleaning objects over time with a heat map. Easily identify gaps in activity to avoid overpaying for services not rendered.

Receive immediate alerts

Be alerted anytime a sign has been detected to proactively safeguard people from spills or wet floors.

Export data for review

Easily filter and export a CSV of object activity to compare against cleaning invoices.

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