See you at the Workplace Health & Safety Show @ Melbourne!

The Workplace Health & Safety Show opens at the MCEC next Wednesday, May 25th from 12-5pm - pre-register here for free, and don't miss the latest technology and products shaking up the world of health and safety at work.

Industry trade shows are some of the most educational, fun, and busiest times of the year. For us at Nirovision, they are the perfect opportunity to discuss real-life problems, showcase our products to a live audience, meet customers and colleagues, and see the latest.

However, attending these trade shows can be stressful if you go without a game plan... So why not take this opportunity to bookmark a visit to Stand G07 or book time with us?

Customise check in flows illustration

🧪 Experience Doorkeeper Pro and Lite for yourself.

We’ll have a live demo set up at the show, and we’ll be ready to build your workflows and processes into Doorkeeper, so the experience is catered to your business needs.

We’ll be there to answer your questions and provide advice, so you can make the most of your visit.

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📚 Learn what's possible with technology.

Technology moves at a fast pace, so it’s hard to keep up with the latest.

We understand, and we want to help you brainstorm. Come talk to us about your short- and mid-term challenges and let’s see what can be done about them - there may be a feature in the roadmap just for your use case.

People networking

🏭 Stay on top of industry trends and best practices.

With so many vendors in the market, comparing solutions is time-consuming and generally requires specialised knowledge. Sometimes it is helpful to learn about the challenges faced by similar businesses to yours, and how they’ve addressed them with our software.

Take this opportunity to talk to us about industry best practices, case studies and applied use cases.

And for those ready to trial our software, we’ll share a special promo code exclusive to show attendees ✨

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Team at Nirovision.

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