Identify someone on the spot with spot checks

One of the key benefits of using Nirovision Doorkeeper to sign everyone into the workplace is that you can quickly see who and how many people are on site at any given time. But unless you also have our Monitor solution, you're unable to know where people are situated on site and if someone skipped the sign in process altogether.

This is where Spot Checks can help. Spot Checks is a feature within the Nirovision mobile app that lets site admins point their mobile phone at someone on site to identify who that person is. It can also tell you:

• If the person signed in or not

• What time the person signed in

• If the person is compliant

• Any labels associated with the person eg. visitor, contractor

• If the person completed a blood alcohol test (if integrating with a BAC unit)

• If the person completed a temperature check (if integrating with our thermomoter)

Spot checks on the Nirovision Mobile App (iOS only)
Spot Checks on the Nirovision Mobile Apps (iOS only)

What are the use cases for Spot Checks?

There are four main use cases for Spot Checks and the feature is used across many roles including HSE and compliance managers, fire wardens, security personal and HR. Let's look at the use cases.

1. Evacuation management

With Nirovision Doorkeeper, you have access to a digital record of everyone that signed in. This is available within the Nirovision web and mobile apps. In the event of an emergency, you can start an evacuation from the Nirovision mobile app which brings up a list of everyone on site. Once at your safe meeting point, instead of yelling out names to do a roll call, you can simply have people line up for a quick face scan to be identified and automatically marked as safe. It's a much quicker process and it's more accurate as people need to be physically present. There's no confusion and no errors.

Evacuation management on mobile (iOS only)

2. Compliance checks

If you're a secure site or large workplace with a lot of people coming and going, it's important to know who people are and if they should be on site. There can be large fines especially if there is a security incident involving someone who is not supposed to be on site or someone that is non-compliant.

With Spot Checks, site admins on the ground can quickly identify an individual on the spot and check their compliance in one second. No arguments or interrogation is needed.

3. Security clearance checks

Spot Checks can empower your security team to quickly verify people on site. For example, if someone on site looks lost or seems suspect, security doesn't need to trust someone's word, they can perform a security clearance check using Spot Checks. If the person did sign in, you can see things like their name, what time they signed in, any labels associated with that person plus any other information that is collected at the point of sign in. If the person didn't sign in, you'll know straight away.

Spot Checks also allow you to sign someone in or out. So if someone not signed in passes your manual security check, you can sign that person in on the spot.

4. Health checks

Nirovision Doorkeeper integrates with a thermometer and blood alcohol units so a Spot Check can tell you whether someone successfully completed a health check when they signed in.

If the person doing the Spot Check carries a handheld thermometer or blood alcohol breath tester, a health check can be conducted on the spot and the result added to the person's sign in.

How to conduct a spot check

Using the Nirovision iOS application, navigate to Identities and click on the silhouette icon to launch the Spot Check tool.

Swap between your phone’s front and back cameras, and when you’re ready, point the phone at the person you want to spot-check. The app will guide you if they are not close enough.

Results will be overlaid immediately when the check has been successful, creating a record at the bottom of the screen.

A❗️appears whenever there’s something pending such as a missing document for compliance, or a missing BAC reading.

We hope you find this feature valuable and if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you.

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