Go Paperless with Doorkeeper Lite

In Australia, “duty of care” mandates that employers are responsible for the health and safety of everyone in their workplace, including visitors. At the same time, businesses want to provide a delightful experience for everyone that walks through the door and that includes creating a great work environment for staff.

Ideally, you want your site to be the safest it can be without inconveniencing people too much or hindering your budget. That’s a very thin line to navigate, and one that illustrates the tradeoff between safety, privacy and convenience.

The entrance of your business is the first line of defence, so it’s usually the most stringent security check. For years and even to this day, “pen and paper” has been the most common approach: easy to understand and follow, easy to store, not too invasive, and cheap to procure.

But if we’ve learnt anything from our recent pandemic, is that it only takes one person to slip through the cracks and cause mayhem - because paper-based systems are error-prone. Thankfully, technology is at a point where you don’t have to compromise to get automated, digital check-in logs.

Enter, Doorkeeper Lite.

Check in with Doorkeeper Lite

Doorkeeper Lite consists of a printed QR code that you can display in key areas of your premises to register visitors and their details, clock on staff, and check contractor compliance.

Most importantly, it allows you to define conditions of entry, stop anyone who doesn’t meet them, and trigger real-time alerts upon its occurrence.

Doorkeeper Lite's Benefits

Survey form illustration

It’s simple to use, removing the need for staff to monitor the process.

Good software lets users accomplish their intended tasks as easily and directly as possible. In a post-COVID world, pretty much everyone is ready to sign in wherever they go, and when people see a QR code they are already familiar with the QR code process.

Attendance data illustration

⚙️ It automates the collection of attendance insights, removing manual errors.

Doorkeeper Lite gives you access to the Nirovision web and mobile applications to review attendance data, manage occupancy and generate reports, on-site or on the go.

contractor illustration

🚦 It automates access to your premises.

Visitors simply scan the QR code to check in. You can review attendance data in real-time via the Nirovision web and mobile applications.

Host selection illustration

☀️ It helps you make a good and professional first impression on visitors.

Visitors can select who they are meeting when they arrive. This triggers an email notification so hosts can attend in a timely manner.

Plus, you can add your company logo to the QR printout.

Customisable checkin flows illustration

📈 This solution grows alongside your business.

Doorkeeper Lite customers can upgrade to Doorkeeper Pro or Monitor seamlessly, to extend their workplace health and safety compliance with face checks, contact tracing cameras, hardware and third-party software integrations and APIs.

How do I set this up?

You only need five minutes, as there is no hardware required ☕

Doorkeeper Lite Illustration

First, generate your QR code.

Once you’ve signed up, add your logo and print as many copies as you need of your site’s unique QR code.

Custom Workflows Illustration

Then, create custom workflows.

Choose what information you want to collect. Create different surveys, labels and alarms for all the different people that will arrive at your site.

Doorkeeper Lite Check-Ins Illustration

Now you’re ready to check staff, visitors & contractors in and out.

Visitors simply scan the QR code to check in. You can review attendance data in real-time via our web and mobile applications.

What's Next

Doorkeeper Lite is one click away: try it for free for 30 days.

That being said, we’re only getting started in streamlining the check-in experience for visitors, staff and contractors. We are planning to add support for more document types, and many more integrations.

Want to be the first to know? Send us a message.

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