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What is visitor management?

Visitor management is the process of identifying all the people that enter your workplace. This includes employees, contractors and visitors. Contractor compliance, welcoming visitors, and tracking time and attendance are just some of the main use cases. 

Streamline the check in process

Welcome staff, visitors and contractors with an automated, speedy and secure check in process that saves you time and administration.

Customise the standby screen with your own branding and messaging

Simply approach the iPad for a quick, secure and contactless check-in

Customise the check in flow and information required for different visitors

Enable breaks for time and attendance. Take a break by moving your face to the side

Display stop messaging and instructions if entry is denied. Alerts can be sent to site admins

One of the most flexible, versatile systems I’ve encountered. We are streamlining and improving our payroll process with the help of Nirovision and Doorkeeper.

The value is the elimination of administrative duties. Staff prefer the quick facial recognition check-in and check-out process to doing timesheets.

Jamie S

Business Systems Manager, Monford

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Maintain a secure workplace

Know who is on-site when and why. Verify people with biometrics and receive alerts if someone doesn’t meet your entry requirements.

Identify if people are healthy to enter

Connect our infrared thermometer to check body temperatures, log the results alongside each check in, and be alerted for abnormal results.

Ensure visitors are authorised

Pre-enrol visitors to ensure they have the required documents, vaccines or certifications before they arrive on-site.

Know when your guest arrives

Visitors can select and notify their host when they check in so staff can attend to guests in a timely manner.

Capture valuable insights

Gain insight into the busiest days and times and foot traffic. Leverage data for staff forecasting for different projects.

Doorkeeper is a great way to measure your workers movements, track who is on site and account for everybody safely leaving at the days end.

Charlie Jabbour

Construction Manager, Buildform

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Get started with a 30 day trial to see how we can help your workplace.

Track time and attendance

Use Doorkeeper Pro for employee time-tracking. Verify attendance with a face check. No paper time sheets, fingerprint scanners, or swipe cards needed.

Export data or integrate with payroll

Easily export a CSV of attendance data or link with payroll to automate the calculation of hours worked.

Access insights anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Nirovision provides a web and mobile app so you can stay on top things. View a list of people who checked in, know how many people are currently on-site and receive notifications for important activity.

Doorkeeper Setup

A variety of mounting options are available. Please contact us if you need help sourcing the hardware to mount your iPad.  

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Get started with a 30 day trial to see how we can help your workplace.