Effortless Payroll, powered by Doorkeeper Pro

When we originally created Doorkeeper Pro, our first goal was to make the sign-in process for staff, visitors and contractors faster, easier and more secure. In the time since, we've added a range of new features and integrations to make the product even more valuable.

Today we're excited to share more information about our payroll integrations that make tracking employee attendance a breeze.

What are the benefits of a payroll integration?

💎 Convenience without compromise.

Clocking on and off with Doorkeeper Pro takes less than a second, and is fraud-free.

No need for scribbled paper time sheets, or swipe cards that can be borrowed or lost. No need to download another work app either.

Clock on and clock off with Doorkeeper Pro

🧍Real* attendance records

Every time someone clocks in and out via Doorkeeper Pro, a digital record of the event is created, securely stored and instantly accessible from web and phone applications.

Digital record of event stored on web and phone applications

Attendance in Nirovision can include a thumbnail collected during the registration process, making this record proof-positive.

If breaks are enabled, entry records will also contain break duration, and start and end times.

∞ Create timesheets automatically

Every time staff clock out, the current day's timesheet is created automatically in payroll, applying the corresponding rounding rules.

That way, rounded attendance is correctly registered for pay runs, whilst real attendance records remain stored in Nirovision.

Timesheet example on the Nirovision apps

🚨 Real-time alerts for issues.

Email and push notifications are triggered every time someone is stopped, and include a reference to the site and location where it happened.

APIs and webhooks can be leveraged to post alerts to third-party software.

Stop screen and stop alert

✨ Enhanced analytics.

This integration brings a new dimension of data that can be used for reports, audits and investigations - or during emergencies.

Nirovision powerful analytics can be explored in-app, filtered and exported. Mobile widgets and the Today dashboard bring real-time visibility on who’s on site.

Analytics illustration

🎾 Maintain one database.

When the integration is enabled, Nirovision will automatically sync employees’ names, emails and phone numbers from their payroll records to create Identities.

That way, when a new employee is created on payroll, their data will be automatically synced to allow them to sign-in. Similarly, if someone’s details are updated in payroll, they’ll also be updated in Nirovision.

🔌 Leverage integrations for more rigorous controls.

Doorkeeper can be linked to Access Control systems to automate access.

More conditions of entry can be added by connecting a breathalyser or temperature sensor, or requiring the submission of survey and files.

👉 Read about all available integrations here.

How does our integration with payroll work?

Connecting Doorkeeper Pro to payroll is super easy. Currently we have custom integrations with KeyPay and MYOB but there are more on the way.

1. Configure the integration with the help of our wizard.

Collect your API key and define the conditions for profile sync and timesheet sync with our step-by-step wizard. That’s it!

Integrate with the help of our wizard

2. Nirovision will create Identities for employees registered in your payroll software.

Nirovision will start the sync as soon as the integration is enabled.

Nirovision web app dashboard

Identities will be created with a Name, Email and Phone Number, an External Provider ID and a label.

If someone’s details are updated in payroll, Nirovision will follow suit. There’s no effort required to keep databases in sync, it happens programmatically.

3. Doorkeeper will enrol high-quality faces.

The first time someone approaches a Doorkeeper kiosk, they’ll be asked to scan a QR code. This will take them to a sign-in page, where they’ll be asked to fill in their details and take a photo.

Nirovision will look for a match against the provided phone number and email, or one or the other. If there's a match, the profile image collected will update the person's Identity. Based on your access rules, the person will also be clocked on.

Enrolment screen to identity profile

4. Timesheets will be created automatically when someone clocks out.

At the end of the day or shift, Doorkeeper will clock the person out. This action will automatically create a timesheet in your payroll software, applying rounding rules (if any).

Monthly attendance record

5. Enrolled people clock on and off simply by presenting to a Doorkeeper.

Once someone has completed their enrolment, they can simply clock on and off by presenting to connected Doorkeepers.

Doorkeeper check in screens

What's Next?

When you consider the data that Doorkeeper Pro collects, it makes a lot of sense to integrate with payroll. Currently we integrate with KeyPay and MYOB but we’ll keep adding integrations to make payroll as frictionless as possible.

If you have an idea for a new feature or integration, we’d love to hear from you.

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