Be ready for emergencies with Evacuations

Although it's impossible to avoid accidents entirely, companies are responsible for reducing risk in the workplace. One way to do so is with procedures. For example, Australian workplaces are required to run at least one full evacuation exercise each year (AS3745-2010).

Distressing situations hamper clear thinking -and not everyone in the premises may know what to do during an emergency- that's why it helps to have a plan outlined. Drills are annoying and expensive - but they save lives.

The two crucial events in evacuations are:

  • knowing the current total number of people on-site, and
  • accounting for everyone at muster points... the sooner, the better.

Check-ins automated via Doorkeeper (Pro and Lite) bring this information to you instantly, and without any guesswork.

Nirovision leverages that data to help you run efficient evacuations, fast.

Check out this 1min demo video👇

Evacuation features

⚙️ Automatically log when people are accounted for.

When an evacuation is started, Nirovision creates a list of everyone present, so you know exactly how many people need to be accounted for.

People can be flagged as safe using a mobile checklist, minimising errors. Face-checks speed the process up even more.

Evacuation screen on Nirovision dashboard

🏃 Fast mobile face-checks [iOS only]

Point your smartphone camera at someone's face to mark them as safe! It is that quick and simple. Nirovision's AI does the heavy lifting for you.

Multiple admins can manage an evacuation simultaneously, using the Nirovision applications.

Point your smartphone camera at someone's face to mark them as safe!

✉️ Message everyone present, instantly.

Help staff, contractors and visitors know that an evacuation is taking place, and keep them informed.

All connected Doorkeepers will swap to Evacuation Mode, which disallows registrations and checkouts.

Evacuation alerts to all your visitors.

♻️ Digital evacuation report.

A summary report is generated when an evacuation is finalised, and instantly available for review via our mobile and web applications.

The report includes the evacuation's duration, start and finish time, the coordinators' details, and a list of everyone marked as safe.

Nirovision dashboard illustration

How do I use evacuations?

Available in Doorkeeper Lite and Doorkeeper Pro.

🚨 Start an Evacuation, on mobile or web.

This will trigger an immediate email to everyone checked in on your premises.

All connected Doorkeepers will swap to Evacuation Mode and display Emergency notes. No registrations nor checkouts can happen during this time.

The Today dashboard also swaps to Evacuation Mode to help you keep track of people already accounted for.

Evacuation screen on Doorkeeper

🛟 Mark people safe.

When an evacuation is started, Nirovision creates a list of everyone present, so you know exactly how many people need to be accounted for.

One or more Admins can manage an ongoing evacuation.

People can be marked as safe manually using the list. You can also use your mobile's camera for instant face-checks. Nirovision will highlight recognised individuals, and advise if someone is unknown or unregistered.

Nirovision spot checks
Quick demo of face scans for evacuations

🎬 Finish the evacuation when ready.

When there are no individuals pending to be accounted for, finish the evacuation. A report will be generated with a summary of the proceedings.

The Today dashboard and all your Doorkeepers will resume operations straightaway.

Summary report of evacuation on Nirovision mobile app

What's Next?

Streamlining the check-in experience for visitors, staff and contractors goes beyond the registration process. It's about bringing the right data to the right people in moments when they need it the most, like an emergency.

We have many exciting features in the roadmap to reduce risks in the workplace.

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