Why is visitor management important?

With so many different people visiting a site on a daily basis, it's important to keep track of who people are, and ensure everyone meets their corresponding entry requirements.

A conversation between ChatGPT and Nirovision

If ChatGPT's AI could speak with Nirovision's AI, what would the conversation look like? We wanted to find out so we gave ChatGPT the prompt and this is the outcome. A fun, light hearted conversation between two very different AI's.

Keeping Australia Open for Business

Although the vaccine rollout has started, Australia may not have yet seen the full impact of COVID on our industrial workplaces according to a recent roundtable of business, security, and supply chain sector experts.

Facial recognition and human rights

The Australian Human Rights Commission Proposes a ban on ‘high-risk’ facial recognition… here’s our reaction.

Dynamic QR codes vs static QR codes

What is the difference between dynamic QR Codes vs static qr codes? Learn what QR codes are, what they are used for and what is best for visitor management.

Facial recognition terminology explained

Facial recognition uses a lot of different terms. Here is a list of the most popular terms and what they mean.

Why was facial recognition created?

Facial recognition was created in the early 1960’s by Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe, an American mathematician, computer scientist, and prominent educator.

Australian Industrial Workplaces and COVID-19 Infographic

Key insights on how Australian workplaces took on COVID-19 in one infographic.

Nirovision's COVID-19 Response

Nirovision has added features to its solutions to help reduce the risk and impact of COVID-19.

Not Another Great Prime Story

Resolve delivery problems and security issues with video proof. Find out more about Nirovision's technology and screening solutions.

Distractions in the Workplace

Nirovision's facial recognition and temperature screening platform integrates with IP cameras to minimise security risks and workplace distractions.

The Last Tim Tam Paradox

How we came up with a way to fight moral sloppiness in our office kitchen.

Delivery Puzzles Have Become an Office Habit

We've built a platform that employs Artificial Intelligence Software to analyse your cameras' live feed and send alerts when relevant activity is detected.

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