Why is visitor management important?

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is a process that enables workplaces to keep track of who enters their premises. This process typically involves providing details such as name, phone number, email, and reason for the visit. Depending on the process flow, additional information can be requested through documentation upload or surveys.

Traditionally, this process has been quite manual, requiring individuals to use pen and paper to fill out a logbook to record their attendance. With new technology constantly emerging, this process can now be automated using software solutions and contactless kiosks.

Why is visitor management important?

Visitor management is crucial for workplace safety and security. With numerous visitors accessing a site on a daily basis, it is essential to monitor and identify individuals and ensure they meet entry requirements. Security teams may use visitor management to detect unwanted visitors, HR teams may use the data for time and attendance tracking, and WH&S managers may utilise it for contact tracing and occupancy management. By verifying the identities of all entrants, the workplace becomes a safer and more secure environment for employees.

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Visitor management

The core benefits of visitor management is safety and security. A complete understanding of individuals accessing the premises plays a key role in achieving this goal. However, there are also health, convenience and cost benefits.

Enhance visitor experience

A well-implemented visitor management system can create a positive impression on guests. Streamlined check-ins, reduced waiting times, and personalised sign in flows contribute to an overall better visitor experience.

Emergency management and evacuation planning

In the event of an emergency, a visitor management system can quickly identify the number of visitors present in the building. This information is crucial for conducting effective evacuation procedures and ensuring everyone's safety.

Compliance benefits

Certain industries have strict compliance requirements, such as HACCP and/or biosecurity approval. Visitor management systems help organisations meet these standards by ensuring that only authorised individuals can sign in on site.

Improved internal communication

Visitor management systems often include features like visitor pre-registration and notification alerts for hosts. This fosters better internal communication within an organisation, ensuring that hosts are well-prepared for incoming visitors.

Reduced administrative burden

Automating visitor registration and check-in processes reduces the manual workload for receptionists and administrative staff. This allows front desk staff to focus on more strategic tasks instead of managing cumbersome paper-based logs.

Date insights and analytics

A visitor management system collects data on visitor traffic, peak visit times, and who is on site. Analysing this data can provide valuable insights.

Accurate time and attendance

Implementing staff check-in and check-out procedures can help a workplace accurately record attendance and integrate with payroll. Biometric technology, such as facial recognition, can also be used in visitor management to verify someone's physical presence. This can even extend to external contractors, like cleaners, to ensure their attendance is properly recorded.

Contact tracing

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, visitor management systems have become instrumental in contact tracing efforts. By maintaining a record of visitors, businesses can quickly identify potential exposure and take appropriate health and safety measures.

Informed alerts

Alerts are an essential feature of visitor management systems that provide real-time notifications and updates and designated admins or users. Whether it's host notifications, blacklists alerts, or attendance alerts, key personnel can be notified in real time and take action if required.

Securing site access

With numerous visitors, including staff, contractors, cleaners, and delivery personnel, it's easy for people to slip through unnoticed, or skip the sign in process, especially if there are multiple entry points. By linking visitor management systems to access control, an organisation can prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing a site.

Enhanced professionalism and brand image

Implementing a modern visitor management system portrays an image of professionalism and efficiency. This can positively impact an organisation's brand perception, as visitors are likely to associate modern technology with a forward-thinking and reliable company.

Convenience for employees

If staff are required to sign-in everyday, then the process should be quick and effortless. Ideally known employees shouldn't have to interact with a screen, fill out a form, or scan anything to sign in. It should be contactless, automatic and fast such as Nirovision Doorkeeper.

Visitor management can offer a range of benefits to safety, security, and HR teams, and can make workplaces a safer and more secure environment.

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