Dynamic QR codes vs static QR codes

How do I generate a QR code for my business?

You don't need to generate anything if you're using Nirovision Doorkeeper to check-in staff and visitors. That's because dynamic QR codes are auto generated for each person that enters your business. These dynamic QR codes are displayed on an iPad and can direct visitors to your own custom survey so you can collect all the information you need.

What if I need visitors to check in via a government service?

Doorkeeper by Nirovision can redirect visitors to any destination you want. This includes government URLs, or a web page about your COVID Safe rules, or anything else. You can also redirect to different URLs based on survey answers. For example, you might have a question in your survey about what state someone is from, and based on the answer, send the person to the appropriate state based government service.

To get the government URL that links to your business location, you'll need to register as COVID Safe. You will then be provided a unique URL for your business location that you can use with Doorkeeper.

Can I access the data collected by government check ins?

No. This data is restricted to government contact tracers. That's why we suggest using Doorkeeper to check-in people before redirecting them to a government service. This way, you collect all the details so you'll have a log of everyone who entered, the time they entered and exited and any other details you require.

How do I know if someone is safe to enter?

If you're only using a static government QR code, then unfortunately you need to have someone man the entrance and request visitors show their mobile so you can physically verify someone's check-in details. However, if you're using Nirovision Doorkeeper you can set up rules to display STOP messaging to people that don't meet your entry requirements. Managers, HR or security can also receive alerts via email and push notification so they can act quickly.

Any other benefits to using Doorkeeper for check ins?


  • Temperature checks: you can add this thermometer which is included on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG), to easily capture and record body temperatures of those entering. Alerts can be triggered for elevated temperatures.
  • Host notifications: you can set things up so visitors can choose the person they are meeting when they check in and that person will be notified via email and/or push notification.
  • Time and attendance: Doorkeeper can also be set up for check outs, allowing a workplace to accurately log the time someone enters and exits.

Static QR codes vs dynamic QR codes

Static QR codes are codes with fixed information such as a URL. This information is encoded within the QR code itself and cannot be changed.

Dynamic QR codes can hold a lot more information and direct to different URLs which can be updated and changed over time.

Watch how Doorkeeper by Nirovision works

Turn an iPad into a touchless check in kiosk with the option to link biometric data and survey’s together.  

There are plenty of benefits to using dynamic QR codes with facial recognition over other check in solutions. Let’s look at static QR codes vs dynamic QR codes.    

dynamic qr codes
Static QR vs Dynamic QR

Whilst static QR codes may be suitable for some use cases, if you’re serious about making check ins secure and safe and want accurate contact tracing data then dynamic QR codes with Nirovision Doorkeeper are the best solution.

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