How AI Checkpoints can streamline vehicle access

How does your business manage vehicle access?

If you’re really serious about ensuring that only authorised vehicles and/or drivers are allowed onsite, then you’re probably aware of the costs associated with this. From operating a manned gatehouse at the entry, to employing security guards to check driver IDs, to maintaining a database of swipe cards, there is no easy solution.

A lot of businesses make it work, but making it work is hard work. At Nirovision, we think managing vehicle access should be simpler, more secure and automated.

Introducing AI Checkpoints for vehicles

A typical business might have multiple entry and exit points for vehicles. We call these checkpoints - a point at which an inspection is performed. In the case of vehicle, this might include a license plate check, a driver ID check, and a workforce compliance check before granting or denying access.

How it works

Leveraging strategically placed IP cameras at different checkpoints, Nirovision is able to scan the license plate of a vehicle and automatically open a boom gate if the vehicle is authorised and compliant to come onsite.

Automatic license plate recognition

In addition to license plate recognition, or as a standalone solution to streamlining vehicle access, IP cameras mounted on pedestals at the entry and exit allow for Nirovision to identify drivers using face authentication. Drivers simply look at the camera and if they are known and all their inductions and compliance docs are in order, the boom gate opens.

facial recognition for vehicle access

If for any reason a vehicle or driver is denied access, a notification can be sent to nominated account admins. A QR code can also be displayed to give drivers the option to sign in and complete an induction on the spot to gain access.

All vehicle entry and exit times are recorded which provides data on dwell times and most trafficked lanes, and busiest times of day. You can also see a live dashboard showing the number of vehicles and people currently onsite and breakdown of the different people and vehicles seen.

web app nirovision

What are the benefits?

Cost savings

Securing checkpoints with AI completely automates access for vehicles which saves your business time and money. There’s no security guards required, no swipe cards to manage, and no clunky fingerprint scanners or pin code devices to regularly service. There’s also less chance of heavy fines due to onsite incidents involving un-inducted or non-compliant people.

Improved efficiencies

With AI, there is no need for manual inspections. This greatly improves the speed of vehicle entry and exit but also, the data collected can help procurement teams optimise supply chain and vendor performance. In addition, some businesses can increase their operation hours 24/7 as AI never sleeps.

Less stress

Staying on the subject of sleep, no one likes a call in the middle of the night because a driver doesn’t remember their pin code. AI never forgets a face or a license plate, so you can rest assure that only authorised vehicles and/or drivers can gain access.  

Enhanced security

With real-time monitoring available and a combination of license plate recognition but also face authentication for drivers, access becomes really secure reducing the chance of a security breach.

Improved safety

Preventing access to vehicles that are missing a roadworthiness certificate or are not authorised to access certain areas of the worksite, can help prevent accidents and incidents caused by vehicles that are not up to safety standards or not equipped to work in restricted areas.

Better insights

Unlike other license plate recognition solutions, Nirovision makes it incredibly easy to view entry and exit times for different vehicles including the number of days onsite. If a pickup should only take one hour and the vehicle is onsite for 2 hours, you’ll know about it and you will have the evidence to follow this up with the driver or contracting company.


In summary, Nirovision offers AI checkpoints that utilise IP cameras to scan license plates and perform driver ID and compliance checks. This can be paired with access control to automate vehicle access, which saves time and money by eliminating the need for security guards, swipe cards, or fingerprint scanners. The benefits of the AI checkpoints include improved efficiencies, cost savings, enhanced security, better insights, and improved safety. You also get real-time monitoring and the data collected can allow for optimisation of supply chain and vendor performance.

Get in touch if you would like to see a live demonstration.

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