Not Another Great Prime Story

When bad delivery happens to good customers

Nothing like starting your morning with next-day delivery of those great deals you caught on Amazon Prime.


Opened Amazon box

Twenty minutes later, Scott has already filed a complaint with Prime’s customer service because he received his box with a broken quality seal.

Slack team conversation

I have no doubt this would be resolved quickly, because Scott has one big, unquestionable advantage: video proof.

CCTV footage of Amazon delivery

I bet all of us have a nightmarish story about a delivery mishap. In our office, there are plenty of them. If your package arrives damaged or broken, the likelihood of a successful complaint relies on customer services and company policies — good luck with that.

Unless… you have a delivery alarm that records video whenever a delivery is made.

Video proof helps avoid all that he-said/she-said dilemma between the seller, the shipping service and yourself.

It substantially improves the chances of a refund or the shipment of a new item at no extra cost.

Most importantly, proof can speed things up. No one enjoys shipping hassles, we endure them. The quicker the conflicts resolve, the faster we can move on to spending time on things we do enjoy.

Like a bit of detective work.

Nothing like reaching lunch time with an accomplished smile.

If you want to know how our delivery alarm works, I am always around for a chat.

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