How to use Nirovision Labels

Whether you’re considering Nirovision for your workplace or have already installed our software and want to know how to get the most out of Labels, this guide shares some best practice tips – everything from how they work, the different types of Labels and how to use them most effectively.  

What are Nirovision Labels?

Nirovision Labels provide a way to group people in your Identity database. There are many ways to segment people, you can see some of the most popular Labels below. When creating Labels with Nirovision, they are entirely customisable – this means that you can name Labels whatever you want.

Types of Labels

nirovision labels
Examples of labels used by Nirovision Customers

With Nirovision Labels you can:

  • Filter events by Label in the Activity tab to quickly find what you’re looking for
  • Create an unlimited number of Labels
  • Customise Labels with any name

  • Assign multiple Labels to a single individual
  • Choose from 8 different Label colours
  • Set up Alarms to receive notifications anytime someone with a selected Label is seen
  • View a breakdown of Labels seen within a day, week or month
  • View a list of people that have checked in along with their associated Labels

Why Labels are important

A strong understanding of who is entering the workplace is critical to maintaining a secure and safe environment. Labels can not only let you know who someone is and their context for visiting but they can be leveraged for smarter alarms and more secure access control. They also empower faster contact tracing if integrating Nirovision with other workplace cameras.

How customers use Labels

Know when new visitors arrive
For workplaces without a receptionist or where reception is left unattended from time to time, Nirovision’s customisable Alarms paired with Labels can notify you anytime someone with the Label “Visitor” arrives. This is done by auto-assigning Labels based on survey answers when checking in.

Open doors based on someone’s Label

Integrating with access control, Nirovision is able to grant or deny access based on Labels. For example, a workplace might grant access to a door for anyone with the Label “Staff” and deny entry to anyone with the Label “Visitor”.

Nirovision labels mobile notification

Prevent cross-contamination between departments
Some food processing customers use Nirovision to be notified if two people with different department Labels are spotted in a location that is not a common area. Notifications are triggered immediately allowing management to respond in a timely manner.

Bring people back to the workplace safely

Coming out of lockdown, businesses have staggered staff attendance, usually by separating two different groups and having those groups attend the workplace on different days. With Nirovision Labels you can assign each group with a different Label and then set up notifications to know if someone turns up on a wrong day. You can also view an activity graph to quickly assess Time and Attendance by Label to ensure there is no cross over between groups.

Be notified for VIPs and those on a banned list

Rather than set up multiple alarm notifications for specific individuals, Labels allow you to set up one alarm for a group of people. For example, be notified anytime someone with with the Label VIP shows up or someone on a banned list enters.

See what days and times the cleaners were in

Beyond identifying staff, Labels can be used for other regular visitors such as security guards and cleaners. This allows you to filter by Label to see what days and times the cleaners were on-site.

Need help with Labels?

If you need help creating, editing, or deleting Labels, visit our support page.

If there is something you want to try and not too sure how to go about it, feel free to reach out

Just as customisable and unlimited Nirovision Labels are, the things you can do with Nirovision Labels are also limitless.  

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