What’s New? Nirovision Integrations

Identity Recognition for Nx Witness v4.0 and Inception v3.2

Installing Nirovision's Identity Recognition Platform is the first step towards unlocking powerful insights.

Once Nirovision is running at your premises, accurately and diligently recognising individuals, you can leverage integrations to trigger identity recognition-based actions.

Automation, when done right, has a profound effect in organisations, making them more secure, productive and profitable. It's in that spirit that we're excited to announce the release of our first two integrations:

  • Grant physical access using facial recognition as 1FA, 2FA or 3FA powered by Inner Range's Inception access control solution.
  • Perform detailed investigations searching for identities and labels in Nx Witness' live and historical footage.

Inception v3.2 + Nirovision


Integration Benefits

Inception, from Inner Range, is a cutting-edge, native web-based access control and intruder detection system, designed for light-to-medium commercial installations. Their latest firmware release, Inception v3.2 is the first to incorporate biometric credential support.

Keys and swipe cards are often lost or borrowed, PINs can be eavesdropped or deciphered. Biometric credentials, used in combination with traditional access control credentials, increase the overall system's security exponentially.

With this integration, you will be able to grant physical access through Inception every time an identity with the appropriate permissions is recognised in Nirovision's spoof-proof Identity Recognition Platform.

How it Works

On Inception's end permissions are configured, managed and assigned to users. You can now create a Nirovision Face Recognition biometric credential, that acts as a virtual card reader. Different combinations of security configurations are available: 1FA, 2FA (face+swipe, or face+PIN) or 3FA (face+swipe+PIN). Every user is then associated with an Identity ID in Nirovision. On Nirovision's side, cameras are linked to doors. When a face is detected and recognised, the associated identity ID is sent to Inception. Inception then decides whether to open a door or not, based on the permissions stored in Inception's platform.

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Nx Witness v4.0 Nirovision


Integration Benefits

Nx Witness is an open IP video management system designed to find, view, record and manage IP video cameras and integrate with third-party systems and devices. The Nx team have developed an intuitive and slick interface that takes video monitoring to the next level. Their latest firmware release, Nx Witness v4.0 completely revamps their notification panel to show detected objects among other features.

With this integration you will be able to accomplish investigations more accurately, by leveraging Nirovision's identity recognition metadata to augment video in Nx's environment.

How it Works

Nirovision recognises an identity, capturing metadata such as face bounding boxes, identity name and labels. This information is synced to Nx's client, which now overlays that metadata on live and recorded video, effectively generating an augmented reality view of video feeds. Nx stores the metadata in a dedicated database on the Nx Server application. The Nirovision plugin also allows the ability to smart search Nx's server for recorded video from any linked camera that includes that identity's name or labels.

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