Our most customisable Doorkeeper yet

Today, we are delighted to present our sleekest, most powerful Doorkeeper kiosk yet – driven by AI-vision, Doorkeeper greets visitors, contractors and staff with security and ease.

Customer feedback is integral to what we do and how we build features and products. This release includes fixes and improvements originated from conversations with leaders across the construction, logistics, manufacturing and service industries.

You can learn more about our customers’ challenges, and how Doorkeeper has improved the security of their premises, saving time and effort, by visiting this link.

What’s new in version 3.0?

Your kiosk, your way

We have expanded our branding options to make Doorkeeper feel more like an extension of your product and business.

  • Add your logo and accent colour, following your brand guidelines.
  • Choose between light and dark themes.
  • Add a coloured background, to help Doorkeeper stand out and draw visitors' attention, prompting them to take action.

We intentionally made the new interface more static so that your logo is always front and centre. This helps create a more consistent experience and minimises any flickering.

Helping a newcomer navigate this is tricky - especially if you don’t have a reception team on-site to assist. We’ve added more room to configure interactions, so you can best anticipate and meet your visitors’ needs.

  • Visitors can be checked in and out touchlessly - immediately once recognised, or after a few seconds elapse. Conversely, visitors can be required to tap on an on-screen button for any action to be recorded, minimising the chance of accidents.
  • Sometimes visitors require assistance. Doorkeeper allows admins to perform actions on behalf of users without disruptions, like uploading documents.
  • Choose the right messaging and language, to give visitors the support they need, when they need it. Add custom messages to the Check-In, Out and Stop screens.

Registrations may take a few minutes, especially when inductions, surveys and documents are required. But in the rush of the day, a visitor may only notice this when they start checking in. To help with that, Doorkeeper now displays a QR code on every screen, allowing visitors to continue their registration on mobile, from any point in time.

Scan the QR to continue your registration on mobile.

More information, at every step

Registrations can be quick, requiring only a face check that takes less than a second. But in some cases, a visitor can be required to select a host in order to be checked in. This action can also prompt automation, such as opening a door or printing a visitor badge.

The new version of Doorkeeper displays detailed logs with all the actions performed during someone’s registration, leaving a clear track record of what happened - including errors.

To proactively support your visitors before they ever need to reach out to your team, we now include:

  • More field types are available for surveys and inductions.
  • Step-by-step information and illustrations explaining what actions the visitor needs to perform and how - such as checking for temperature or BAC.
  • If someone is stopped, more details regarding the reason(s) behind it.

Breezy setup and update

We've made it our priority to design a setup process that is intuitive, while also ensuring that our Doorkeeper can be easily configured, to adapt to ever-evolving entry requirements. Additionally, we've implemented robust security features to ensure peace of mind for all our users.

  • With 8-digit activation codes, Doorkeeper can be up and running on your premises in less time than it’d take you to prepare a coffee.
  • Almost every Doorkeeper setting is cloud-based, so admins can remotely adjust them via the Nirovision web app. This is a big plus for distributed teams that no longer need to be in the same physical space as the kiosk to make changes.
  • We assumed Doorkeeper would always be mounted on a stand, pole or wall. However, some environments call for the flexibility of passing the iPad around, which is a challenge for facial recognition (and all the underlying logic our applications use). This more static version of Doorkeeper has been redesigned to also accommodate these edge use cases.
  • There are several ways to secure devices, including MDM services, custom PINs, and Guided Access. Another option to enhance the security of the registration process is to enable a liveness check.
  • Doorkeeper can accommodate all the integrations you need, in one platform - review the full list here.

Leading-edge ML

Our ML algorithms are developed in-house 🇦🇺, and continuously improved. We release updates to our recognition models regularly - this is unique in the industry, as typically, you buy a frozen model with no easy way to upgrade.

  • This version of Doorkeeper can check someone in, in under a second… that is, quicker than a blink. Check-ins are securely recorded in Nirovision, available for review and audit.
  • Designed with low bandwidth sites in mind, Doorkeeper only records activity when you’re close enough to kick off the process. During internet outages, Doorkeeper can display a QR code to continue to collect registrations temporarily.
  • Doorkeeper is designed to work well even in areas with suboptimal lighting conditions. You can adjust the recognition thresholds to fine-tune the system and make up for this, being aware of the tradeoffs.
  • The Nirovision AI is resilient to changes such as haircuts and shaves, though very drastic changes may require the enrolment of an additional face. Doorkeeper will inform users if they’ve been checked in successfully or not, every time.
We’re really looking forward to hearing about your experience with this brand-new Doorkeeper version. Let us know your thoughts, and get in touch with us to help you get set up.

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