Check-in with proof of vaccination

For businesses that need/want to check vaccination status, Nirovision's Doorkeeper solution can help in a few ways.

For workplaces not mandated to use state government digital check-in apps

For workplaces that don't require government check-ins but who still want a record of attendance plus check vaccination status, our visitor management solution allows you to create and add a Label such as "Vaccinated" and apply this Label to employees who have shown or provided their vaccination certificate. This prevents workers having to provide proof of vaccination every time they enter.

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If someone new enters and doesn't have the "Vaccinated" Label, Doorkeeper can present a stop message, and notify reception or management. The Label can then be applied to that person upon inspection of their certificate.

This is great for businesses that get a lot of repeat traffic. The check-in experience for regular visitors should be seamless and easy.

Keep in mind, Labels can also be used to allow access to selected unvaccinated people. While the majority of the population is ok with vaccines, there are people that choose not to get vaccinated due to personal health or religious reasons. This doesn't always mean those people are not healthy enough to visit. You can easily apply another Label to grant access to unvaccinated people that you deem are safe to enter. That's the beauty of Labels, they are very customisable.

Learn how to use Nirovision Labels

For workplaces mandated to use state government digital check-in apps

Doorkeeper allows you to redirect people to state government apps as part of the check in process. At the time of writing (11th October 2021), state governments are still in the process of implementing proof of vaccination as part of the digital check-in process. But once this is implemented, a business can use Doorkeeper to log someone's attendance and then redirect them to a state government app to verify vaccination status. This still requires visitors to physically show the certificate on their phone to someone at the entrance.

While proof of vaccination won't be around forever, the need to keep track of everyone entering the workplace will still be critical to ensure a safe and secure workplace.

Proof of vaccination using Labels or our redirect feature are available with all Doorkeeper plans. Try Doorkeeper free for 30 days

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