Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Doorkeeper

Did you know that Nirovision offers mobile device management support for Doorkeeper customers?

Organisations of all sizes and types can take advantage of MDM software; however, it can be especially beneficial for organisations that have multiple locations, extended operational hours, or experience a high volume of visitors.

What is mobile device management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that helps businesses manage and secure the devices used by their employees. This includes smartphones, tablets, and laptops used for work purposes.

MDM typically involves the use of software that is installed on the devices, which allows for the setting of policies and controls, such as password requirements and access to certain apps and data. MDM can also automatically update apps on the device. This all helps maintain device security and peace of mind for business admins.

Benefits of running Doorkeeper on MDM

We office MDM support for Doorkeeper, our iOS application that turns an iPad into a sign-in kiosk for visitors, staff, and contractors.

When Doorkeeper is running MDM, you enjoy the following benefits:

📍 More security with device lockdown

This feature locks the iPad down to a single app mode, designed to prevent users from being able to close that application, or access any other apps or information stored on the device. This allows no interruptions or interference -from other applications or malicious actors-, so Doorkeeper is always ready to sign someone in.

📍 Easier troubleshooting with remote actions

If troubleshooting is required, you don't need to worry - the device can easily be restarted by our support team. Remote actions like this can help resolve issues on the spot, saving you time and frustration.

📍 Automatic updates, less admin work

With MDM installed on the device, Nirovision is able to automatically push urgent app updates to ensure that a business always has the latest version installed which is important for both security and performance.

📍 Better traceability with system logs

If something bad happens, crucial system logs are recorded in the MDM software and could help shine a light on what went wrong.

What MDM provider does Nirovision use?

Nirovision uses Hexnode MDM. While there are plenty of MDM providers on the market, Hexnode’s MDM offers powerful tools for inventory management, remote device control and onboarding, includes strong security and compliance features, and is easy to use.

What’s the cost of MDM?

The cost for mobile device management is only $99 annually per device.

How is Hexnode MDM set up with Doorkeeper?

If you're considering Nirovision Doorkeeper and sign up and buy an iPad through us, we just need the serial number of your iPad to set up MDM for you.

If you're existing customer interested in adding MDM to your Doorkeeper, then please contact us.

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