Introducing Safety Agent Alarm

Imagine employing a safety officer named Jack to monitor your security cameras all day. Jack's role is to look out for safety issues and notify you if something requires attention. While Jack is already knowledgeable about what to look for, you provide him with additional information about your site and specific safety rules. For example, you inform Jack that hi-vis vests are required on the loading dock at all times, and mobile phone usage is forbidden.

Jack diligently monitors the cameras and alerts you if he observes anything concerning. For instance, Jack may notify you if he spots someone who appears to be injured, witnesses a physical altercation involving two or more people, or observes someone dangerously close to the edge of the roof.

Now, let's imagine Jack is not a human, but an AI Agent, that is not only knowledgable, but also tireless, thorough and unbiased.

That’s the power of our latest breakthrough, Safety Agent Alarm - a world-first innovation that allows an AI agent to actively monitor your security cameras and promptly alert for safety concerns.

“Today, multimodal large language models are capable of recognising and discerning what it sees and transcribing it’s observations in great detail. It was only a matter of time before these large vision models infiltrated the camera monitoring space so we are proud to be pioneers in bringing this to market.” - Jimmy Lee, CEO, Nirovision

How Safety Agent Alarm works

  1. Connect Safety Agent with your existing cameras - all you need is a Nirovision server and you can choose which cameras Safety Agent should monitor.
  2. Tell Safety Agent about your site - optionally provide extra information about your site and any safety rules to help Safety Agent look out for the events that matter.
  3. Receive alerts for specific issues - when Safety Agent spots a safety concern, it will send a descriptive email and/or notification via the Nirovision mobile app so you can respond accordingly.

The challenges with existing alarms

Nearly every business today has security cameras. And while the software to monitor camera footage has come a long way, the types of events you can be alerted about are extremely limited.

For example, motion detection alarms can be triggered for all kinds of events, many of which end up being false alarms. Even person detection alarms can contribute to false positives.

In general, traditional business alarms fail to answer questions like:

What: caused the alarm?

How: do I know if this is serious or not?

Why: should I take prompt action?

Who: is involved and what are they doing?

Typically, it is the responsibility of a security team, site manager or business owner to investigate and determine the answers to these questions.

Safety Agent Alarm solves these problems and offers additional benefits so you can get even more value from your existing camera infrastructure.

Unearth previously unseen issues

Safety Agent opens up a wide range of alarms that were previously not possible. This includes incidents that may serve as early indicators for more serious issues.

Some examples include:

  • Alert for someone lying on the ground
  • Alert for someone on the roof near the edge
  • Alert if a worker looks injured
  • Alert for people physically fighting
  • Alert for a person climbing a fence
  • Alert for someone who seems trapped eg. in a cool room

Ensure alarms are tailored to your specific needs

The Safety Agent has been trained to look for basic safety issues on site. It also allows you to add extra information about your site and any safety rules that must be followed. This helps Safety Agent know what specify the types of events and behaviours should trigger an alert.

Get the full context of what is happening

Unlike traditional alarms that do not contain any context or any content, Safety Agent alerts include descriptive text about the situation so you can act swiftly.

Traditional person alarms can’t detect nuanced human activity, such as appearing hurt or remaining still, all signs of potential injury.

Minimise false alarms

By analysing security footage using powerful AI capabilities, Safety Agent can quickly distinguish between non-events and genuine safety concerns.

Is this a security threat or is it just the cleaners working after hours? Safety Agent is smart enough to know and not alert you in this case.

Identify safety trends

Identify incidents that may serve as early indicators for more serious issues and surface repeat offenders. Use AI to report on safety and compliance trends so you can be proactive in improving safety measures onsite.

Empower security teams

Safety Agent Alarm improves the efficiency and decision making of security teams and control rooms, enabling a faster response to incidents. It also creates an audit trail of events that can be reviewed using the Nirovision applications and exported for auditing and record keeping purposes.

Interested in Safety Agent Alarm for your workplace? Join the waitlist here.

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