How AI Checkpoints ensures only authorised workers can access your site

Contractor management is a critical component of worksite safety, but ensuring on-site compliance can be a major challenge. Even the best induction processes are ineffective if there are no ID and compliance checks at the point of access. While paper-based and QR code sign-in solutions at entry points may seem like a good solution, there is still the risk of non-compliant individuals slipping through the cracks. There’s nothing stopping contractors from ignoring your sign-in procedures or refusing to update an expired certification before coming on site.

This is a big problem because contractors that are not inducted might not be aware of site-specific hazards and may not have the training to deal with those hazards which increases the chance of accidents and injuries. This exposes a business to legal issues, large fines, not to mention a reduction in staff morale and bad publicity.

To help ensure that only inducted and compliant individuals can access large and busy industrial sites, Nirovision has developed AI Checkpoints. In our previous post, we explored how this technology streamlines vehicle access. In this post, we'll take a closer look at how it can be used for pedestrian access.

How it works

A typical industrial site might have multiple entry points for those on foot. In some cases, a full-time employee is needed to physically manage access and check contractor IDs. In other scenarios, swipe cards and even traditional keys are needed to unlock doors, gates or turnstiles. These processes are costly and involve ongoing servicing and administration.

With AI Checkpoints, managing pedestrian access is much simpler and more secure. By installing security cameras at key checkpoints such as a door or turnstile, Nirovision is able to identify individuals using face authentication, check their compliance and automatically grant access to authorised and compliant workers in less than one second. This eliminates the need for costly staffing and the headaches that come with managing a database of swipe cards.

While Nirovision can pre-register contractors and request documents, our software also integrates with workforce management solutions to ensure that training and certifications are verified and up to date. Currently, we integrate with Rapid Global.

If a worker is denied access, a notification can be sent to nominated account admins with the reason why the worker was stopped. QR codes can be displayed at the entrance to allow the completion of an induction or a course required for access.

All entry and exit times are recorded which provides real time and attendance insights. You can also see a live dashboard showing the number of people currently on site and a breakdown of the different types of people seen eg. contractors vs employees vs forklift drivers.

What access control solutions does Nirovision integrate with?

Nirovision can integrate with any access control solution, this includes native integrations with ICT Protege GX and Inception by Inner Range. Our software can also use an ethernet relay device as a connector to open a door or turnstile.

What are the benefits?

Cost savings

With Nirovision, there are no security guards required, no swipe cards to manage, and no clunky fingerprint scanners or pin code devices to regularly service. There’s also less chance of heavy fines due to on-site incidents involving un-inducted or non-compliant workers.

Enhanced security

Unlike swipe cards and pin codes which can be shared, signing in with face authentication is much more secure as it relies on the person being physically present to access. You also get a visual record of everyone that has entered and real-time notifications if someone is stopped for any reason. This reduces the chance of a security breach.


Unlocking a door or turnstile with face authentication is a seamless and hassle-free experience. No more fumbling for a swipe card or checking your phone because you forgot your pin code. Nirovision never forgets a face so that’s all workers need to enter.

Less administration

With Nirovision automating access, there is less paperwork and administration. You can set up different access rules for different people, departments and times of the day. AI never sleeps, never takes breaks, and never loses focus on the task at hand, which is making sure only compliant workers can gain access.

Improved safety

Workplace safety starts and ends with people following the right processes. This requires certain training and qualifications so allowing someone on site who is not up to speed with things is a safety incident waiting to happen.

Better insights

With Nirovision, you not only know when a particular door, turnstile or boom gate was accessed but you can see who and how many times someone accessed it. You can see the most trafficked entryways and the busiest times of the day. Analytics are our expertise so there are many insights you can gather including time and attendance data. There are many other exciting analytical features in the pipeline.


AI Checkpoints is a solution by Nirovision that helps industrial sites streamline access. The software allows for identification and compliance checks in less than a second through face authentication, eliminating the need for costly staffing and swipe cards. AI Checkpoints can integrate with workforce management solutions to ensure training and certifications are up to date, and entry and exit times are recorded to provide time and attendance insights. The benefits of AI Checkpoints include cost savings, enhanced security, convenience, less administration, improved safety, and better insights. By using AI Checkpoints, businesses can ensure that only inducted and compliant individuals access a site, reducing the risk of accidents and legal issues.

Get in touch if you would like to see a live demonstration.

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