Enhance your access control by unlocking a door based on someone’s identity.

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Nirovision's integration with Protege GX enables the unlocking of doors using facial recognition. Unlike other forms of identity recognition, facial recognition verifies if a person is actually present and whether they have access. This streamlines access, increases security and can eliminate the need for key cards and pin codes.


  • Nirovision Product: Monitor
  • IP camera(s): any camera with RTSP stream
  • Server: see server specs
  • Access control: Protege GX


  • Make access more secure with biometrics.
  • Save on keys, cards and badges.
  • Provide a seamless access control experience for workers.
  • Prevent unauthorised access from lost keys and eavesdropped pins by adding an additional layer of verification.
  • Grant or deny entry based on body temperature (if also integrating with a thermometer).
  • Easily add and remove access for certain individuals or groups of people using Labels.