New SMS notifications for hosts

When a visitor checks in via Doorkeeper and selects a host, the selected host now receives both an SMS alert and an email alert about the visitor's arrival.

SMS alerts are handy if hosts are away from their desk or not in front of their emails. This helps reduce visitor wait times and enhances the overall visitor experience.

How SMS notifications for hosts work

Hosts that have a mobile number included in their Nirovision profile will automatically receive SMS alerts when a visitor checks in and selects them as the host.

The SMS alerts can include the visitor's contact details, allowing hosts to quickly call the visitor if they are running late or inform the visitor of their estimated greeting time.

If you’re a Doorkeeper customer with host notifications enabled, we recommend reviewing the phone numbers within host profiles to ensure they are valid mobile phone numbers. If a host does not wish to receive SMS Host Notifications, we suggest removing the phone number from the host's profile.

As always - please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you.

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