🛞 April 2023 Updates

🚦AI Checkpoints

AI Checkpoints help ensure that only compliant individuals and vehicles can access a work site, by leveraging strategically-placed IP cameras and physical barriers.

At turnstiles or doors, Nirovision can identify individuals using face authentication, check their compliance and if authorised, automatically grant access.

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At a boom gate, Nirovision can identify individuals and vehicles too - with automatic license plate recognition.

That way, both the worker and vehicle are required to be compliant before the boom gate automatically opens.

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How to test 👇

  • Email us for a live demonstration.

🪪 ID Scan

Enrolments are crucial to record good quality check ins and generate the best possible reports.

But typing details in takes a while and is quite error-prone… to save everyone’s time, we’ve added the ability to use Doorkeeper to scan an ID during enrolments, and quickly collect details from it such as the person’s name and address.

ID Scan Gif

You can even turn your ID around if there’s information at the back.

How to test 👇

  • Email us to enable this feature in your account.

What else is 🆕?

Fresh look ✨ for the Nirovision iOS app [Android coming 🔜]

The Nirovision mobile app allows admins to receive notifications, review insights and conduct safety checks on the go with a quick face scan. Use it to check sign-in and compliance status or identify someone as safe in the event of an evacuation.

Follow this link to download from the App Store if you haven’t yet, and let us know your thoughts on its new look.

App UI

📝 What happens to my data?

Keeping your visitors, contractors and workers informed about how you handle their personal information is more important than ever.

To aid with this, we now include a “What happens to my data?” link with a brief description, visible when checking in via Doorkeepers or QR codes. No action is required on your end to enable this feature.

What happens to my data

Location Users available 👥 (Admins & Viewers)

We created a new user level that can only access the resources within one (or more) specific location(s): Location Users. Like Company users, Location users can be Admins or Viewers based on their role - read more about this here.

To set one up, navigate to Settings > Location > Team Members.

🔵  What's Improved

  • If you have a survey requirement that includes at least one question with a stoppable-answer, the Documents’ detail will now highlight which answer(s) caused said survey to be rejected.
survey answer highlight stopped answer
  • Custom messages can be displayed to someone checking in, out and being stopped, when registering via Doorkeeper or QRs. This should give you more room to communicate instructions and next steps, so your visitors always know what they need to do.
Custom messages
  • CSV exports of checkin activity now include both Host details and Stop events (if any) to help with audits.
  • If you’re using our Monitor product, every event recorded by a connected IP camera will include a short video clip. You can play this event back via the Nirovision apps, and now, also download it from the Media section of the Event’s detail.
  • You’ll notice we’ve shuffled the Settings section of the Nirovision web app for easier and quicker navigation.
  • In the same spirit, we’ve made a few aesthetic changes to the List view of Activity: columns have been condensed for better readability, and moved access control triggers further to the left.

🔴  What's Fixed

  • We fixed the CSV export time selector for both Check-ins and Attendance. In the same neighbourhood, we fixed the sorting options that are now selected by default.
  • The Today dashboard is a handy tool to know how many people are on site. For a brief moment, the attendance count was incorrectly displayed.
  • Activity for Vehicles Seen showed person-related labels temporarily. Vehicle labels should be visible now instead, helping you navigate your fleet’s recorded activity.
  • Internet connectivity can be flimsy sometimes… if we encounter an error while loading your Activity view, an error will inform you.

📡 This release includes minor security improvements.

We encourage you to keep applications always up to date ‼️

If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

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