Recognise people on camera for security and safety. Enable visual contact tracing and missed check in alerts.

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If using Nirovision Doorkeeper to also check-in visitors via an iPad at the entrance, then this integration with IP cameras can provide alerts if someone tries to evade the check in process.


  • Nirovision Product: Monitor
  • IP camera(s): any camera with RTSP stream
  • Server: See server specs


  • Be alerted if someone failed to check in.
  • Be alerted when a person is recognised or someone unknown is in the premises.
  • Know immediately if someone has entered a restricted area.
  • See what days someone was in, what areas they were seen and their close contacts for quick and accurate contact tracing.
  • Review a timeline of events by identity, by groups of people using labels, or by face.
  • View a breakdown of Labels seen in the Activity Graph.

Nirovision Monitor
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