🐝 November 2023 Updates

🚷 Disabled Profiles

Administrators and integrations can disable profiles now.

Disabled profiles retain all historical activity for record-keeping purposes, without active recognition by cameras or kiosks ensuring privacy.

Disabled profile

How to set this up 👇

  • On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Profiles, and click on the one you'd like to disable.
  • Click on the Edit profile button and look for the Status section. Unselect the Enabled checkbox.
  • Save your changes, this will immediately remove the disabled profile from your recognition model.
  • If you are using our Rapid Global or Employment Hero integrations, disable a trainee or employee in the respective portal to see the change reflected in Niro.

🙏 Wrong answer prompts

Administrators can now allow someone to correct wrong survey answers on the spot, or reject the entire survey to force a re-do.

Incorrect answer prompt in survey

How to set this up 👇

  • On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Settings > Company > Documents > Surveys to access your survey repository.
  • Click Add Survey to create a new survey or Edit an existing one.
  • Add a Select or Yes/No field type. In the Validation dropdown, decide whether you'd like to prompt an incorrect answer as such - allowing for its correction on the spot - or reject the survey to force a start over.

🏭 Company onboarding field

Onboarding rules define the personal information required on Visitors, Contractors and Staff, in order to grant access to a site.

Company name can now be requested as part of the registration process onsite or prior to arrival.

Defining personal information required in order to grant access

How to set this up 👇

  • On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Settings > Location > Onboarding to access your rules.
  • Click Add Option to create a new rule or Edit an existing one. Tick the Company checkbox to make this field a mandatory requirement. Save your changes to apply.

🔊 Host notification improvements

Hosts now receive information such as a visitor's Company, Phone and Email and Photo when provided.

Host notification

How to set this up 👇

On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Settings > Location > Onboarding to access your rules. Make sure all the information Hosts need to receive is enabled as required for the relevant labels.

🔵  What's Improved

  • The handiest shortcut ever, our right-click menu, is now available for Vehicle activity and the Vehicle profile list. Right-click on an event or profile to get to these options.
Vehicle activity
vehicle profile
  • Hovering over any document or survey's linked access rules now displays details regarding the Locations where they are required and the Group(s) that need to provide them.
details displayed
  • There's a new filter for Profiles that helps you discover how many have profile faces and how many don't, to gauge the progress of your onboarding efforts.
  • A confirmation dialogue will appear before allowing you to disable any integration, to avoid mistakes.

🔴  What's Fixed

  • Yes/No survey fields stopped someone when they answered No, despite validation being disabled. This should now only happen when validation is set to reject the survey entirely.
  • Sometimes integrations did not display the enabled or disabled status properly until the page was refreshed. This should update automatically now.
  • Some Rapid integration users reported very slow database syncs, which were caused by a few underlying issues we've addressed.
  • Selecting the Check-In filter of Activity somehow added a selection to the Trigger filter. This should not be the case anymore.
  • Some Location Users could not see the People and Vehicle activity navigation tabs, but they should be there now.
  • We fixed a few issues related to video playback.

We encourage you to keep your Nirovision and Doorkeeper applications up to date ‼️

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