Rapid Global provides workforce management software to streamline risk, safety and compliance management processes. Their products are modular, yet fully integrable, to suit the daily operational needs of every workforce.

Rapid Global software acts as an Administrative Control: it relies on people following the protocols defined, and assumes individuals are who they say they are when they check-in using mobile applications or terminals. Nirovision uses facial recognition technology to identify people entering workplaces, check for elevated temperature, and log attendance. With Nirovision's AI, Rapid Global is elevated to an Engineering Control, creating proof-positive digital records.

When integrated, the Nirovision and Rapid systems work cohesively to identify employees, contractors and visitors, and ensure everyone complies with the regulations, certifications and training required to be granted access to a site.


  • Nirovision Plan: Custom
  • IP camera(s): any camera with RTSP stream
  • Rapid Global Modules: Contractor Management, Induct, Access.
  • Server: See specs


  • Proof-positive attendance logs, powered by AI identity verification.
  • Identities are enrolled automatically in Nirovision, from Rapid Global users. By connecting the two systems, your recognition database will build itself programmatically.
  • Maintain one database only. Nirovision checks Rapid Global periodically for new users and user updates (such as profile picture upload), so your recognition database is always up-to-date.
  • Together, but separate. Identities in Nirovision can have as much useful information as you like, which can be visible to an operator using the Nirovision applications. Conversely, an Identity can including only an ID, a name and a gallery of faces to perform facial recognition to identify known people.