Integrate with Rapid Global for compliance checks, inductions and more.

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Managing a list of contractors with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management? Doorkeeper Pro ensures that the contractor that just signed in is not only who they say they are, but is also site compliant.

Nirovision syncs contractors from Rapid so that when they arrive on-site, they are instantly identified by Doorkeeper, and cross-checked with Rapid to ensure all inductions and compliance docs are in order.

Smart Vehicle Checkpoints streamline your vehicle entry points. On arrival, Nirovision identifies both the driver and the vehicle and automatically opens the gate if both are compliant.

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Added benefits

  • Face check-ins provide proof-positive attendance logs
  • Contractors, employees and visitors are automatically synced from Rapid to Nirovision
  • Doorkeeper Pro displays Rapid Induct on screen if a contractor has outstanding inductions to complete
  • Streamline vehicle entries with Smart Vehicle Checkpoints

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