Use Doorkeeper with Employment Hero to capture an accurate record of attendance, auto populate timesheet data, and enable end-to-end human resources management.

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Employment Hero Payroll

Connect Nirovision with Employment Hero Payroll software to streamline the attendance process with effortless face authentication.

By syncing employee profiles, you can ensure a seamless sign-in process while deterring fraudulent time logging. Additionally, biometric timesheet data is automatically synced, ensuring accurate records and eliminating manual input errors.

Added benefits

  • Make clocking on and off seamless for employees
  • Capture accurate attendance data
  • Allow employees to log break times in real-time
  • Sync employees from Employment Hero
  • Automate the creation of timesheets in Employment Hero Payroll
  • View Single Touch Payroll compliant reporting in Employment Hero Payroll

Employment Hero HR

Connect Nirovision with Employment Hero HR software to seamlessly sync employee profiles between the two platforms, eliminating the need for manual changes when staff update their details, or when new employees are onboarded or off-boarded.

This also automatically adds employees to any alarms and site access rules that apply saving you extra administration.

That way, you can rest assured that your Nirovision database of profiles will always be up to date.

Added benefits

  • Significantly reduce paperwork
  • Save time on HR administration
  • Access powerful reporting tools and people analytics
  • Maintain a single source of truth for employee contact details

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