Use Doorkeeper with Employment Hero to enhance employee sign-ins, automate time and attendance, eliminate paper timesheets, and enable flexible payroll processing in the cloud.

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Eliminate the hassle of bundy time clocks, dirty fingerprint scanners or honesty based clock on/off systems with Doorkeeper Pro and Employment Hero. Doorkeeper provides a seamless way for employees to clock on/off using their face, and the integration automatically creates a timesheet in Employment Hero.

Added benefits

  • Fast and touchless clock on/off
  • Attendance data that is fraudproof
  • Supports breaks during shifts
  • Sync employees from Employment Hero
  • Automatic timesheets creation in Employment Hero
  • Single Touch Payroll compliant reporting in Employment Hero

Companies like Couriers Please use Doorkeeper Pro + Employment Hero to fully automate timesheets and payroll. Learn more.

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