🧁 September 2022 Updates

New Activity UI

The Activity tab has a refreshed, simplified and responsive look on web:

Activity UI

Head over to app.nirovision.com and navigate to the Activity tab to check it out 👇

  • Insight cards bring real-time relevant information to the top - inspired by our Today dashboard.
  • Easier navigation across sections, times and activity layouts.
  • Improved and reordered detailed view.
  • A new License Plate section to display LPR results 👉 Message us if you want to learn more.

Available in Doorkeeper Pro, Lite and Monitor.

🔜 Spot Checks

Verify on the spot if someone is signed in and compliant with a quick face scan via the Nirovision mobile app.

Ideal for Administrators on the go, Security personnel and quick and swift audits.

Spot checks

How to test 👇

Available in Doorkeeper Pro.

Using the Nirovision iOS application, navigate to Identities. Click on the silhouette icon to launch the Spot Check tool.

spot checks icon

Swap between your phone’s front and back cameras, and when you’re ready,

point the phone at the person you want to spot-check. The app will guide you if they are not close enough.

Results will be overlaid immediately when the check has been successful, creating a record at the bottom of the screen.

A❗️appears whenever there’s something pending.

face scan for spot checks

Tap on a Spot check result to display quick actions:

  • Check someone in or out, via an Admin override.
  • Manually enter a BAC or temperature value if any have been performed on the spot.

When you’re ready, click on the ❌ to close the tool.

spot check result

Coming 🔜 vehicle spot-checks 👉 Be the first to know.

What else is 🆕 ?

Give your Doorkeeper a custom background.

Highlight your brand by adding a background image to Doorkeeper’s standby screen.

Add your logo and colours, and welcome people to your site in a unique way.

custom background gif

Run Doorkeeper on a Light theme.

We’ve added the option to choose between Light and Dark Themes for your Doorkeepers. Switch between them with a single click in the Settings menu. It’s that easy!

light theme doorkeeper

Add your company logo to badges.

If you are printing labels via our integration, you can optionally add your company logo to them.

label badge

Activate Doorkeepers with a code.

Before being ready to sign Visitors, Contractors and Staff in, Doorkeepers need to be paired to your account. We’ve simplified this process via the use of Activation Codes.

After installing the Doorkeeper application on your iPad, collect the eight-digit activation code and link your device via the Nirovision web app.

activation screen

🔵 What's Improved

  • Document expiration set to 1 day now expires said file or survey at the end of the day in question, instead of 24 hours from the moment of submission. That way, you can enforce a daily requirement, regardless of check-in times.
  • You can now map Select type fields in surveys to custom metadata fields, in order to store answers alongside other Identity information. Surveys have never been more powerful!
  • The first letter of each word will be capitalised for registrations completed on mobile devices.
  • We refreshed the login screen of our mobile applications.
  • We know how important your registration data is for internal and external audits. For that reason, we’ll soon offer 7-year retention for check-ins.

🔴 What's Fixed

  • We had inadvertently removed the option to use Doorkeeper in a touchless mode, but it’s back. Message us if you want to enable it on your site.
  • We addressed a few printing issues to improve the overall integration experience; we also added a new Print History section to help with troubleshooting.
  • We fixed a bug with the Attendance Widget from the Nirovision app, so Identities now appear in the correct order.
  • Also on the Nirovision apps, some titles changed when they shouldn’t, and that should not happen anymore.

📡 This release includes minor security improvements. Updating is beneficial and recommended.

If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

🇦🇺 Phone and email support during AEST office hours.

📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

💬 Book time with us to discuss your challenges and get advise.

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