☀️ October 2021 Updates

👀 Surveys got smarter...

...helping you achieve complete check-in records without inconveniencing regulars (one of the many benefits of facial recognition).

Full name is mandatory in every Nirovision survey - and now, it will always be pre-filled for recognised people. Surveys also allow for signature field and a new static text field that's ideal to store Declaration Forms.

check in gif

How to test👇 (requires Check-ins enabled)

  • On Doorkeeper, configure a rule to display a survey.
  • As soon as someone enrolled presents to Doorkeeper, they will be offered a dynamic QR to complete said survey.
  • Regardless of whether the survey is completed on the iPad or using a mobile device, Full name will be pre-filled.

🎁 Doorkeeper's latest features

Our thermometer is like any handheld device: you need to be close to it with nothing interfering to take your temperature properly...but mistakes happen.

Doorkeeper can ask individuals to retake their temperature if it detects an unusually low value, and display a helpful illustration 👇

take temperature illustration

Temperatures can now also be checked during check-outs.

And we've released new security features: we moved Doorkeeper's settings behind the iPad's PIN, and included a Guided Access prompt during setup.

📚 Developer Resources

We have new docs ✨ (check them out here) and more API endpoints 🔌.

We also added the ability to configure webhooks to our web application...more to come!

🔵 What's Improved

  • Head over to the Check-ins view to see the new summary chart 📊. Click on the bars to change the time reference, and navigate with the arrows.
check-ins view
  • Custom Auto-checkout times⌛️. You can now configure a specific time of the day to automatically check staff and visitors out ofyour premises if they forget to do it via Doorkeeper.
custom auto-checkout
  • Nirovision users can now adjust their notification preferences using the web app 🚨. We took the chance to update the UI of our push notification in the process - create a Nirovision alarm to check them!
push mobile notification

🔴 What's Fixed

  • We fixed a bug prevent some users from logging in to the Android mobile app and a few iOS 15 bugs. Make sure to keep your apps updated❗️
  • We also fixed a UI issue with Doorkeeper's access control integration UI 👉 Learn more about this integration.

If you'd like help to set up any of these new features, get in touch with us:

🇦🇺 Live support - phone, email or chat widget in the apps.

📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

💬 Book time with us - talk to us about your short- and mid-term challenges.

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