🏕️ November 2022 Updates

🎨 New Activity UI

We continue to update the Activity view on the web. This latest release includes refreshed detail views across Attendance, Vehicles, and Events, but especially Check-Ins:

  • In, Out and Break times in a timeline format for easier readability.
  • Document and Trigger information.
  • Links to the Profile and Activity sections.
new activity UI

Click on any Activity event on any view to access them.

Mobile updates coming soon!

📦 New in Doorkeeper version 2.3

More cloud settings

More Doorkeeper settings can be adjusted from the comfort of the Nirovision web app:

  • Mask, Liveness and Motion detection.
  • Passcode type.
  • Access Mode (In, Out, or In+Out) and Out duration.

Navigate to Settings > Devices and Edit a Doorkeeper to view these options.

"I don't know" Host selection notifies the Site Admin

The "I Don't Know" option available during host selection now immediately notifies the Site Admin, so no visitor goes unattended.

Set a minimum duration for check-outs

As we learnt since our last release, it's not unusual for someone to accidentally check themselves back in if they linger in front of Doorkeeper after checking out. To help with that, we've added a minimum check-out duration setting.

Navigate to Settings > General in the Doorkeeper app, to find it in the Display section.

New integrations

Doorkeeper can now connect to Inner Range's Inception access controller directly, to open doors based on labels and actions such as checking in, or taking a break.

Read more about this integration here 👈

Doorkeeper also integrates with Alcolizer's newest handheld breathalyser for on-the-spot BAC checks.

Message us for more information 👈

Spot checks with Nirovision

🔵  What's Improved

  • Temporary losses of power happen in every workplace. If Doorkeeper cannot reconnect to a thermometer, it will inform the individual of the failed check-in attempt and display Admin details, collecting a Stop record in the process.
  • Our CSV Import tool now populates the new email and phone fields.
  • Access Control triggers for Events now also include Ethernet and BLE Relay outcomes.
  • Nirovision handles the upload of documents much more efficiently, reducing the likelihood of timeouts caused by big file sizes and weak internet connectivity. More messaging has been added during the process, to keep users informed.
  • Admins can change document status to “Needs Review” individually or via the Documents List.

🔴  What's Fixed

  • The New Activity indicator would sometimes appear, even when no new activity had happened.
  • While bringing more Doorkeeper settings to the Cloud, we fixed a few issues with mode selection and settings.

📡 This release includes minor security improvements.

We encourage you to keep applications always up to date ‼️

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