⚡️ New Workforce Management integration: Linksafe

🌏 Workforce Management: LinkSafe

With this integration, you can check someone's compliance within LinkSafe at Doorkeeper points of sign-in.

LinkSafe monitors contractor compliance, making sure every licence, insurance and qualification is up to date, to reduce contractor risk.

Nirovision + LinkSafe Integration
  • Offer contractors a touchless and fast sign-in.
  • Prevent fraud with face identification.
  • Save time with the auto sync of identities from LinkSafe to Nirovision.
  • Integrate with access control to grant or deny entry based on ID and compliance checks.
  • Add temperature and BAC checks for more rigorous controls.
  • Know who's on-site, remotely.
Doorkeeper + LinkSafe

LinkSafe CEO, David Erczmann said that the collaboration aims to expand LinkSafe’s capabilities to provide an even more robust contractor management experience with the help of advanced AI technology.

“Integrating Nirovision’s AI technology into our existing contractor management platform allows us to add a true contactless solution to our offering - this means, based on biometrics, it can ascertain compliance in the LinkSafe platform and further to that, then integrate with access control."

“Adapting new tech and making sure we keep up to date with the changing technological landscape is important to us. Our alliance with Nirovision is a testament to that, and offers our clients some amazing features that compliment our contractor management platform,” said David.

Nirovision CEO Jimmy Lee said the partnership with LinkSafe not only provides tremendous value to workplaces that have a need for compliance, but also saves workplaces money and time.“Combining LinkSafe’s compliance expertise with Nirovision’s powerful AI vision is going to make it so much easier to ensure a safe and secure workplace - the future of this partnership is very exciting,” said Jimmy.

How to test👇

  • On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Settings > API & Integrations. Follow our wizard to link your LinkSafe account with Nirovision.
  • The LinkSafe integration is available to Doorkeeper Pro, Lite and Monitor customers.
  • Learn more about this integration here. Read about LinkSafe (LinkSafe website).

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