⚡️ New breathalyser & Access Control Integration

📐 Breathalyser: Alcolizer

Alcolizer Technology is a world leader in the field of Alcohol and other Drugs testing.

With out Doorkeeper Pro + Alcolizer integration, workers are instructed to perform a breath test on check-in, and the results are logged automatically.

  • Instruct visitors to take a breath test as part of the check-in process.
  • Automatically log BAC results for each person.
  • Display STOP instructions if BAC is above threshold.
  • Admins get notifications for high BAC.
  • Can be linked to Access Control systems to grant or deny entry.

1min demo video 👇

How to test 👇

🤖 Access Contro: BLE Relay

When your face is the credential, security and accessibility go hand-in-hand.

Use a BLE Relay device as a connector to integrate Doorkeeper Pro to a door or turnstile. Control access natively using facial recognition and labels: Employee, Visitor Delivery, and so on. Trigger open and close commands. Grant access during check-ins and check-outs.

Secure physical spaces and automate access, leaving a trace of digital logs.

How to test👇

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