🚚 August 2023 Updates

⏳ Dwell Time for Vehicles

Dwell time is a vexing challenge - one AI can help minimise.

Nirovision’s ALPR checks vehicles in and out of site, automatically registering their dwell time. Review in the web app or export to a CSV.

How to test 👇

  • If you have an ALPR camera connected to Nirovision, log on to the web app and focus your Activity data on Vehicle Check-Ins.

📆 Calendar View for Vehicles

Calendars are great tools to visualise large periods of time-oriented data, and gather quick insights. That's why every vehicle profile now displays a monthly and weekly calendar view that highlights:

  • Days with and without activity 💭 Was this vehicle on site this day? When was it last on site?
  • First and last time seen 💭 When was that vehicle first / last seen on this day?

How to test 👇

  • If you have an ALPR camera connected to Nirovision, log on to the web app and navigate to Profiles > Vehicles.
  • Click on any vehicle to access its profile, and navigate across weeks/months with the arrows.

🔵 What's Improved

  • Customers using our Rapid Global integration will notice that Inductee IDs are visible in the Profiles tab, and also in the Integrations widget in every profile, for easier cross-referencing.
  • Nirovision’s Settings have found a new home in the top-right menu.
  • Surveys now allow for a “Mutually Exclusive” option that will apply a new label and remove all others, when a certain answer has been selected.
  • Lastly, a small improvement to those customers that are not using breaks: you should not see Break-related information from Attendance when there are no breaks.

🔴 What's Fixed

  • We apologise to all customers that received duplicate alerts for a few days earlier this month. We’re sorry for the extra noise.
  • We released an updated version of our iOS and Android mobile applications to remove deleted documents from view. We also fixed an issue where phones and email addresses could not be clicked to trigger phone calls or emails respectively.
  • Columns can be reordered again, to customise all your Activity screens.
  • In some edge cases, the Vehicles Seen counts were incorrect. This has been fixed.
  • Only alphanumeric plates can be enrolled in Nirovision - no special characters allowed.

📡 Releases across the board include minor security improvements and performance improvements.

We encourage you to keep your Nirovision and Doorkeeper applications up to date ‼️

If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

🇦🇺 Phone and email support during AEST office hours.

📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

💬 Book time with us to discuss your challenges and get advise.

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