⚡️ProtegeGX Integration & Nx Witness Integration March 2021

🚪 ProtegeGX

With this integration, workplaces can strengthen their access control by unlocking doors using biometric credentials.

  • Ensure only the right people can enter. On top of being convenient, facial recognition technology helps allow access only to individuals with the appropriate security permissions. Use individual or group configurations.
  • Reduce the administrative overhead of managing credentials. Configure roles and authorisations once, and then scale by adding more doors and readers.

Build simple, and complex workflows combining integrations with traditional credentials:

  • with thermal cameras, access can be granted/denied based on temperature results.
  • with Nirovision dynamic QR codes, access can be granted/denied based on the completion of a questionnaire.

🕵️‍♀️ Nx Witness v4.1

We released v1.7 of our Nx Witness plugin, supported on all Powered by Nx products.

We've simplified the setup experience, allowing for a deeper integration.

  • Ubuntu and Windows installers available, which removes the need to manage dependencies.
  • Once recording, and the plugin are enabled on a camera in Nx, the camera will also auto-configure in Nirovision.

We're syncing a new custom Analytic Event for Elevated Temperature, that can be used to trigger alerts based on temperature data collected from a thermal camera. We also sync the temperature result as Object metadata.

Nx-friendly widgets can be built to display the Nirovision dashboard within the Nx environment.

If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

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