🧢 October 2023 Updates

🙋 Person detection alarm

Receive a push notification or email every time a person is detected on an IP camera or Doorkeeper.

person detection alarm

Common use cases include:

  • A person is seen onsite, after closing time.
  • A person is seen in restricted area.

How to set this up👇

  • On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Settings, select your Location and click on Alarms.
  • Add an Detection - Person Alarm, select cameras and a schedule, and save to enable.
  • Learn about all the different types of alarms here.

More Activity insights

♻️ Ambiguous recognitions

Duplicates happen, so we want to help you action them.

If activity is matched against two or more profiles, it will be flagged as Ambiguous in the Events view of Activity.

ambiguous 1

The Events’ detail view will show which profiles were involved so you can merge them or delete one.

ambiguous match

How to set this up👇

  • On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Activity and focus your data on the Events view of People Activity.
  • Look for the Trigger filters and select Ambiguous.

🛑 Access control failures

Access control integrations fail sometimes, and now there’s a filter to find these Activity events.

  • Look for Connection Failed errors to diagnose a connectivity issue with the controller.
  • Anti-passback failures indicate someone attempted successive entries in a short period of time, and could indicate a misuse of our system.
access control failures

How to set this up👇

  • On the Nirovision web app, navigate to Activity and focus your data on the Events view of People Activity.
  • Look for the Access Control filter and select Failed.

🛟 Support, one click away

Access our knowledge base or create a support ticket by clicking on the Help option of the Nirovision web app’s top-right menu.

Support link

You can also email support@nirovision.com or call 02 8074 5547 for assistance.

🔵  What's Improved

  • You’ll notice that all sub sections of Activity have been moved to the left side, above filters. We hope this helps you find the insights you’re after, quicker.
Activity subsections
  • Find what you're looking for even faster with consolidated vehicle and plate filters.
vehicle and plate filters
  • We've been adding helpful hints in the apps, like this note about auto check-out time adjustments, so keep an eye out for them 👀
auto check-out hint
  • You'll now see an error if the events thumbnail is missing. Conversely, an animation will help you know that the thumbnail is loading.
image loading state

🔴  What's Fixed

  • Once again you can export check-ins longer than a month.
  • Deleting a vehicle profile should now close the view and return to the Vehicles list.
  • The Clear Filters button should show up correctly across People and Vehicle Activity views.
  • Some of the Activity filter counts were incorrect, so we’ve fixed them

We encourage you to keep your Nirovision and Doorkeeper applications up to date ‼️

If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

🇦🇺 Phone and email support during AEST office hours.

📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

💬 Book time with us to discuss your challenges and get advise.

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