🪀 October 2022 Updates

🪢 Compliance, enhanced

🪢 Faster QR Check-ins

Delight your staff and visitors with swift and convenient QR-powered check-ins.

Doorkeeper Lite will remember your details once you've signed in for the first time. That way, it will only take on click to check-in next time ✨.

Check in with QR code

🪢 Hosts, required for every check-in

Enforce the selection of a host every time someone checks in, to ensure your visitors are attended to promptly every time.

🪢 Multi-page surveys

In addition to nine other field types, page breaks allow you to split your content into multiple pages.

That way, your visitors and contractors can pace the completion of their site induction.

multipage surveys on Doorkeeper

💫 Doorkeeper's latest features

💫 Set up swiftly with Activation codes

From this release onwards, setting up Doorkeeper will only involve entering an 8-digit code in the Web App.

Doorkeeper activation screen

This is helpful if you need to coordinate the set-up process with people on site and remotely. It will also allow you to start collecting registrations sooner 🎉.

💫 Strengthen security with PIN codes

We built Doorkeeper to help workplaces be safer and more secure. That’s why we’re continuously building up our security toolkit.

We’ve added the ability to add a custom passcode to access Doorkeeper’s Settings, in addition to the option to use the iPad’s passcode.

We highly encourage you to enable Guided Access on your Doorkeepers too. Sites with more stringent needs can also leverage our MDM services.

💫 DK Lite steps in during connectivity issues

If your site experiences a dropout in Internet connectivity or other connection issues, your Doorkeeper kiosk will display the site’s QR code to continue to collect registrations in the meantime.

No internet connection screen

💫 Set a minimum duration for check-ins

Humans move a lot, so it’s not unusual for someone to accidentally check themselves out if they linger in front of Doorkeeper. To help with that, we’ve added a minimum check-in duration setting with a few options to choose from.

What else is 🆕 ?

✍️ Mobile manual check-ins

Admins can check people in and out using the Nirovision iOS and Android mobile applications.

Simply navigate to the Identity you’d like to check in or out, and tap on the Status field to display the available action.

mobile manual check-ins

📱Email or call from mobile

When you're on the go, the handier information is, the better.

That's why you can now call or email an identity directly from their metadata.

contact from mobile applications

🟡 Devices' status and version

The Devices section in the Nirovision web app now also displays the Doorkeeper application version installed on every device paired in the account.

An Out of Date highlight appears when there's a newer version available.

device statuses

🔌 Nx Witness 5.0 plugin

We've also took the opportunity to update both our Linux and Windows installers to support Nx Witness v5.0.

Message us if you'd like to get the latest copy of this plugin.

🔵 What's Improved

  • We polished Spot Checks and added the ability to display the site's QR so that you can check someone in or out, wherever you are.
  • New copy options for Doorkeeper’s Stand By screen are available.
  • We’ve also increased the font sizes on surveys.
  • We are continuously improving how we monitor the health of our applications and logs, for proactive and effective troubleshooting. This release includes logging improvements across the board.
  • Improvements under the hood: Doorkeeper loads models and updates more efficiently.

🔴 What's Fixed

  • We fixed a UI issue that truncated long Identity names on the web app.
  • We fixed an issue that occurred when an Admin tried to check someone out manually.
  • We fixed a few issues with our printer integration and made it resilient to IP address changes. We also added a preview section for badges with a few options to customise them.
  • We also tidied up a few webhooks to make them consistent.
  • Multi-company Admins can swap between them without an unavoidable spinner in the way.

📡 This release includes minor security improvements.

Like the OAIC, we encourage you to keep applications always up to date ‼️

If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

🇦🇺 Phone and email support during AEST office hours.

📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

💬 Book time with us to discuss your challenges and get advise.

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