🥫May 2022 Updates

📄 Documents, and tools to manage them

Workplaces can now onboard visitors and regulars by collecting important information before granting accesss to the site.

Documents, surveys and signed forms can be collected on-site, or as part of a pre-enrolment process via email.

identity profile illustration

Documents can be approved on the spot or flagged for verification. Track expiration dates, resting assured Doorkeeper will stop non-compliant people at the door - and log and alert when that happens🚨.

How to test👇

  • Reach out to enable documents.
  • Create one or more document templates, and assign them to the entry process of staff, contractors or visitors.
  • Documents will be requested during the registration process on-site, or collected via pre-registration.
wait screen

📤 Invites and pre-registrations

The visitor experience begins long before people walk through your doors.

Send out a pre-enrolment email to ensure everyone provides documents and fills in their information before arriving on-site, so signing in when they arrive is a breeze.

Or add your unique's site email to your calendar invite, and let Nirovision work its magic ✨

How to test👇

  • Create a new identity via the Nirovision applications. Pre-fill your guest's details and determine if they need to provide you with any documents in advance.
  • Your guest will receive an email with instructions to submit all that's required prior to their visit.
email pre-registration
  • If everything is in order, your guest will be checked in straightaway when they present to Doorkeeper.

What else is new? 🎁

  • You’ll notice some of the settings that used to live in Doorkeeper have now moved to the web app instead ✨ We’ve centralised our rules engine to make it easier to set up and manage your Nirovision deployments without being close to the iPad - especially handy for multi-location setups.
  • Auto-checkouts can now be configured to happen minutes/hours after someone checks in, not just at a specific time. You can also disable them altogether.
  • Check-in alarms can now be filtered by label, so you are only notified of registrations from one (or many) groups. 👉 Learn more.
mobile push notification

Coming 🔜

You’ll soon be able to run Doorkeeper on light mode.

Light mode aids with readability, helping our eyes focus on the information presented against the lighter background. Plus, it replicates the familiarity of writing on paper, helping users understand how to interact with Doorkeeper's screens with little effort.

💡 Keep your Doorkeeper application up to date, and look for the option in your settings.

    🔵 What's Improved

    • We have adjusted our CSV export feature to include our new email and phone fields.
    • Alarms and Activity views now display Fahrenheit temperatures.
    • We’ve spent some time improving our processing engine, which now processes more frames, more efficiently.
    • From time to time, unmatched events happen, generally as a result of a bad reference image. In these cases, Nirovision attempts a match via phone number and/or email... but phone numbers come in many formats. We’ve improved the way we handle these differences under the hood to help prevent duplicates.

      🔴 What's Fixed

      • We made UI fixes across the applications: fixed chart segments, some sections of the Insights dashboard and an issue that displayed Activity events in the wrong order.
      • We made a few UI tweaks associated with iOS 14 support. If you’ve added branding to Doorkeeper and notice your logo does not look right, it may be a sign your iPadOS needs an update.
      • We also fixed the Check-in widget, so it’s back to displaying how many registrations have occurred on the day. Combine it with the Identities and Events widget to answer more questions from your home screen.

      If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

      🇦🇺 Phone and email support during AEST office hours.

      📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

      💬 Book time with us to discuss your challenges and get advise.

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